Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[Recap] Hachette Date A Book Blogger Night 2015

What: Date A Book YA Bloggers Night 2015
When: Monday 17th August 2015, 5:30-7:30pm
Where: Hachette HQ (aka. the land of awesome, like OMG JUST TAKE ME!)
Why: Because books rock and so do book people! :D
How: The faeries!

Okay! Let's see if I'm bothered enough to see this through to the end. Heheh... heh. Well, so there was this thing on the other night in Sydney Australia (I live there!) called Date A Book YA Bloggers Night, held over at the Hachette HQ. I so wish I could just live there, like if I had the choice between being eaten alive by a pack of rabid ANY OF THESE, and living at Hachette HQ (or really any bookish anything), I'd choose the latter without a doubt.

This was their second annual Blogger Night and it was, by far, bigger and better than the first! Now, being confined in a small space with a bunch of people I may or may not know, whether online or by brief offline encounters, wasn't the most appealing idea for me to spend my evening (especially as I was stuck between night shifts... and still am). Hey, just being honest here! My friend had bailed on me, and I didn't want to be the awkward chickadee standing by the corner eating a pile of snakes and staring at everyone creepily, or latching onto a group of people, clutching to them FOR DEAR LIFE because OH GOD DON'T LEAVE ME! I'm exaggerating here, but you get what I mean.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

[News] Giveaway winners


So the time has finally come! My 5 year blogoversary giveaway has just come to an end, and the winners have been declared! Without further ado...
  • Rebecca from Reading Wishes! (Yay! Another Aussie blogger! :D)
  • Dea (I did a bit of Google stalking, I think this is her blog? Correct me if I'm wrong!)

Both of these lovely chickadees will be receiving a preorder of their choice from the list I gave in my previous post. :) Don't worry if you didn't win - as long as I keep up with this blogging business there shall be more giveaways to come in the future!

Until next time!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[Review] I Was Here by Gayle Forman

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Publication (dd/mm/yyyy): 27/05/2011
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Pages: 270
Source: Bought
Genre: YA - Contemporary (16+)

Violence | Sexual ContentProfanity

Book Tunes
Zedd - Clarity (feat. Foxes)

My Rating: 

Absorbing read

My thoughts

It has been two months since I read this book, so forgive me for not really remembering too many of the specifics about this book. I still remember the important things, so I guess that's all that matters. I'm sure that my dwindling memory is not at all a reflection on the impact that this book had on me. I remember being very moved by Forman's words in I Was Here. Maybe not as much as If I Stay (that book will forever have my heart), but I still remember being moved.

I Was Here is a book about grief, and life and love. We follow our main character Cody who is devastated by her best friend Meg's recent death (she ingested a whole bottle of industrial-strength cleaner in a faraway motel room). She is left with many questions, but most of all: Why? Until she starts to dig a little deeper, and discovers that maybe it wasn't entirely of her own volition. Cody will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of this. It might not bring her best friend back, but maybe, just maybe finding truth will help to ease her overwhelming feelings of guilt that came with drifting apart from her best friend when she moved away for college, and not even knowing about this side of her.

It is no surprise that I am a huge fan of Gayle Forman's writing. She is a beautiful person and author who I hope to one day have the pleasure to meet. She has a unique talent of breathing life into the characters she creates. I fell so hard for Adam and Mia in If I Stay and Where She Went. I held my breath for Allyson and Willem in Just One Day and Just One Year. Cody resonates within me on a core level. I may not have lost a friend to suicide, but I have lost friends to reasons entirely outside of my own control. People just grow apart. And like Cody, I have harboured intense feelings of guilt and questioning and grief and worry. Like Cody I care a lot, though I may be blindsided at times and miss out on the bigger picture. We may not learn too much about her. For me, sometimes it's not extremely important that the character have an illustrious background and personality. Sometimes it's just enough that the reader is able to relate to them on some intrinsic level, if the plot works.

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