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I identify myself as a slightly toned-down Jess (New Girl).

Hey there! Thanks so, so much for visiting my humble little blog! If you comment, I'll try my best to shoot you a reply and visit your blog in return (if you have one). So my name's Cass, and this here blog has been up and running since June 14th 2010.

As of 2015, I am 22 and I'm a paediatric (children) nurse. Nursing was never my first option. For a long time I wanted to be a primary school teacher, but I changed my mind during the break between HSC (year 12 exams) and when applications for uni were due. So far I'm not regretting that decision. My mum is also a nurse, but I feel that while she did influence my decision (by telling us stories at the dinner table, de-sensitising myself to disgusting things), my choice to pursue nursing was 100% mine to make. If I were to ever step away from healthcare I would pursue the book industry... in some form. Whether that is being a professional book reviewer, or an editor, or a publicist, or a writer. One day. Maybe. Who knows, right?

Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
I only started reading for leisure in 2010. It actually took a total of one month for me to start up my book blog. I was just so convinced that I could make this thing last, and funnily enough, I'm still blogging! My favourite genres include (all within the YA bracket): Contemporary and Historical. However, I've gotten really into the Dystopian genre, and High Fantasy is becoming more and more populated on my bookshelves. I also LOVE reading classics, something I only realised after I finished high school (funny, that).

When I'm not reading I occupy my time by eating out (and food photography), contemplating exercise, wasting time on the internet, playing video games, catching up with friends and just generally putting off things I don't feel like doing. I'm an expert at procrastination, oh yes (I'll put that on my CV... tomorrow).

I am Chinese (parents from Hong Kong/China), but I've lived here in Australia my whole life. I consider myself more of an Australian, and if you heard my accent, knew what kind of food I ate and knew that I can barely hold a basic conversation in my mother tongue... you would agree with me. 

I am an INFP. People sometimes tire me. People sometimes inspire me. I love them. I hate them. I need them. I want them to go away. I feel all the things. I can be a bit forgetful. I love writing and words and expression and sometimes I need to just get it all out and that is why I have this blog in the first place.

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I think that's it. Thanks for visiting my blog, and reading up on me. I feel violated. *shudders* Haha, just kidding. Please leave me a comment. :) I love reading them as much as (I hope) you like sending them!

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