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Waiting on Wednesday (36): Where the Blooms are Buried

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Yeah, that was a terrible titular name to give for, of course, Bloomsbury. Anywho, yes. So this is my first WoW in months and therefore I've missed mentioning many books I'd been waiting on. :/ I'll try and get back into the routine of a weekly feature! IMM will still be fortnightly, at best.

(in order of release date)

WoW: Bloomsbury Edition

ARC cover, subject to change
Title: Throne of Glass {goodreads}
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): August 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury US & AU

Why am I waiting on this?


This book used to be titled "Queen of Glass", back when it was at It was a big hit over there, and I'm extremely sorry for not finding it and reading it then. I mentally kick myself sometimes. Anyway, this is like a high fantasy retelling of Cinderella, except I've heard it totally stands on its own. There are four novellas being released prior to August (the first one is FREE!), which just does not help sustain my unflinching excitement.

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Watch the Throne of Glass teaser trailer (it's a must-watch)

Title: Something Like Normal {goodreads}
Author: Trish Doller
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 19/06/12 (AUS: August)
Publisher: Bloomsbury US & AU

Why am I waiting on this?

I really like the sound of this one. It sounds multi-layered, deep and meaningful. There have also been some really good reviews for it so far, so I have high hopes for this one! ...Male narrative!
Also, hello? Contemporary YA!


Title: Breathe {goodreads}
Author: Sarah Crossan
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 02/10/12
Publisher: Greenwillow (AU) & Bloomsbury (AU)

Why am I waiting on this?

I say bring on the eco-related dystopians! I love the idea that oxygen is something that has to be rationed, and only the rich are provided with enough to be healthy and athletic. Also, that these three teens will be outside of this Pod with 2 days worth of oxygen, and come across all these secrets that their society kept from them.

Title: Fire Spell {goodreads}
Author: Laura Amy Schlitz
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): October 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury AU/UK

Why am I waiting on this?

I couldn't really find it anywhere. Here's the synopsis though:

It begins with a girl in London, 1860. Her family is exceptionally wealthy and she is exceptionally lonely. The closest thing to friendship Clara has experienced was a brief encounter with the two ragged children who work with the puppeteer in the park. For her birthday she asks to see them perform in the drawing room, and her father, to her surprise, allows it.

The puppeteer, Grisini, kidnaps Clara and uses his sinister powers to imprison her body and mind in the form of a marionette to add to his theatre. His two young assistants realise what has happened, and all three children find themselves caught up in a terrible struggle for supernatural eminence between Grisini and a dying witch of extraordinary power.
It sounds a bit young, to me, but I think there's potential for a great story here. It's marked as 12+, so by my deductive reasoning it's been classified as YA. I'd love a preview or something to see whether it's for me though.

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