Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion Friday (1): Now for some discounts

New feature! I acknowledge that this name already exists out there, but I made it up by myself on a whim and it's not such a creative name so I don't see why I would need to credit.

Fashion Friday will just be a feature here where I go on about either stuff I've found from fashion blogs or news or sales/discounts (and so on). Basically anything fashion-related. This time around the focus is on the discounts.

Yeah. So let's feed the shopaholics' obsessions.
I'm still in that state where I'm just not in the mood to read; the last thing I touched was Little Women, which I'm still reading. Please, please don't hate on me! >_< This is my blog -- I'm sure if this were any "professional" blogger's blog, this kind of post wouldn't be here. Because it just does not belong on a book blog. But I digress.
I am here to share with you guys (uni/college students -- you guys still in high school might want to bookmark this site for the future!) another site for DISCOUNTS!

Credit:; accessed by WeHeartIt

Why yes, they do have a referral reward system. Thanks for noticing.
Now click ze link & register!

For Aussies, so far there are discounts for asos, warehouse and oasis!

Also available for UK, Ireland & NZ.

I am positively overwhelmed at the moment. Mostly for asos, since the other two are a bit out of my normal price range.

I also love that they have a petite range. Plus their catwalks have some cool music...

And now for a showcasing of some items that caught my eye at ASOS.

[$20.40] Petite Cable Knit Skirt - it just looks so comfy for a skirt!
[$23.80] This was freaking MADE for Sas & Roz (Tea Mouse Book Reviews)
[$30.60] Sadly my size is gone... this dress is just so fun! And I don't have many dresses like this - it even has an open back.

ASOS Canvas Fish Shopper - I. Love. This!
ASOS Polka Dot Sunglasses Case - I like polka dots and I don't have a sunglasses case.
Scarves: Mint | Textured | Skulls | HOT DOG! ...argh! so many nice scarves, but they're RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!
Neon leggings. Highlight me up, scotty! But please - if you're going to wear leggings, cover up your butt! Felix! There are also heaps of funky tights. :)
ASOS Pac'A'Parka In Spot - Hehe. I like polka dots.
This floral coral blazer is way too adorable! And $50 onwards there's even more!
Do I need a swan cardigan? How about this heart elbow patch cardigan?
Squee! I love the cut of this scalloped edge backpack!
Hmph! Still no ankle boots...

Alright. That's enough from me. If you have any cheaper alternatives, let me know! :P

Share some of your ASOS/fashion finds in the comments below!

NB: I am in no way associated/affiliated with either or asos.

Next week I'll share some of my buys as well as weekly links. I'll also be featuring Colette, where I splurged on a gorgeous clutch.
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