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I identify as a slightly toned-down Jess from New Girl (look, even our names rhyme . . . sort of!).

Hey there! Thanks so, so much for visiting my humble little blog! If you comment and/or follow, I promise I'll be your friend forever (if you want me to be). So my name's Cass, and this here blog has been up and running since June 14th 2010. You will see I am not the best at consistency, BUT the important part is I keep coming back for more! :D

The year is 2021, and I am now a late-20s paediatric nurse. That means I look after sick kids in the hospital, and no, it never involves kissing boo-boos better. Sometimes I DO get the awesome privilege of applying funky-patterned bandaids where it hurts, though *yay*!

Nursing was never my first option. For a long time I wanted to be a primary school teacher, but I changed my mind last minute. I'd be lying if I said I loved my job all the time. In fact, I probably fantasise about quitting nearly every week! (See: My bedroom floor is one of my favourite hidey-holes between shifts.) The pressures (pleasures?) of a shift worker who literally gets pooped, peed and cried upon for a living, folks.

My mum is also a nurse, and she would tell us all the latest stories from her time at the hospital. (Little did I know that I had been preparing for the bloody hospital life from childhood!) She told me, "Don't be a nurse, do accounting instead." Well, I showed her! In a fit of typical teenage rebellion, guess what I did! I chose to study nursing instead of accounting, and that was that.

If I were to ever step away from nursing I would pursue the book industry... in some form. Whether that is being a professional book reviewer, or an editor, or a publicist, or a writer. One day. Maybe. Who knows, right?

Update: In fact, I actually am, sort of, kind of---! Early days. Still too scary to announce it in my social circles to *hyperventilates* fish around for more jobs. *breathes*

Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
I only started reading for leisure in 2010. It actually took a total of one month for me to start up my book blog. I was just so convinced that I could make this thing last, and funnily enough, I'm still blogging! 

Well, my relationship with this book blog is kind of like one of those awful, obnoxious off-again, on-again relationships you sometimes see in literature. I won't even try and promise you I'll try better. I've said it many times before.

When I started this book blog, I was a completely different human being to the one who stands sits before you today (or whenever you're reading this). For starters, I was an actual young-adult, whereas now I'm ACTUALLY an adult *screams*.

It has been more than a decade since I graduated high school (when did that happen?!). So, naturally, my taste in books has changed. I still adore YA, and find great value in dipping into the lives and minds of teenagers. Coming of age stories are the book-equivalent of peanut butter, for me. (Such a comfort, soothes my anxiety-ridden soul--nobody DARE guilt me into giving them up!)

BUT. I also enjoy literary adult fiction, biographies and non-fiction (like self-help and medical/psychology stuff!) . . . ooh, and graphic novels . . .! And cookbooks (generally plant-based & Asian)!

Outside of my work and reading/blogging life...

- I dance on a pole/silks for fun;
- I write random articles for people;
- I arrange, then rearrange things in my house (I had a crazy Konmari phase, which lasted like . . . 3 years? I still follow some of the practises, like folding EVERYTHING);
- I am a mum of two gorgeous but very naughty guinea pigs;
- I volunteer at a local social-enterprise;
- I buy plants and am surprised to wake up and find they are still alive;
- I enjoy hiking and being around nature; etc.
- I sometimes cook good (mostly wholefoods, plant-based) food;

I am first-generation Hong Kong-Chinese, but I've always lived in Australia. I feel pretty-damned Australian, and if you heard my accent and botched attempts at speaking Cantonese, you'd agree with me (after laughing at my pitiful face).

I am an INFP. People sometimes tire me. People sometimes inspire me. I love them. I hate them. I need them. I want them to go away. I feel all the things. I can be a bit forgetful. I love writing and words and expression and sometimes I need to just get it all out and that is why I have this blog in the first place.

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Holly Schindler, A Blue So Dark
Kate Kaynak, Minder (published in Legacy, the third Ganzfield book)

I think that's it. Thanks for visiting my blog, and reading up on me. I feel violated. *shudders* Haha, just kidding.

Let's connect! I'm dying for more human contact.

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