Review Policy
Last update: 16 June 2017

I'm Cass, twenty-two years of age, and I live in Australia (please make sure you can ship to me before contacting!). Here at Words on Paper, I review YA, MG titles, as well as classics and some adult novels that I feel have cross-over value to younger audiences. I love to read, obviously, and spend many hours of the week working on my blog.

I will review as honestly as I can. Just because I receive a book for review doesn't ensure I will give it a good review. However, I will be fair, and give reasons as to why I don't like a book, if that is the case. Also, in the case that I am unable to finish a book I have received for review, I will either host a giveaway, swap with a fellow book blogger or donate it.

If the book you are requesting for review is part of a series, I will ask that you send the previous books, too if I have not read them already.

I will read & review (YA/MG):
- contemporary/realistic/drama
- dystopian
- historical
- fantasy
- mystery/thriller

I read some adult fiction, but I may or may not review them on the blog. I will, however, review on Goodreads, so if that is okay with you, go ahead and ask!

Therefore, I will pretty much read anything except for: erotica, non-fiction, heavy sci-fi, self-help, religious, political, etc. Please no indie or self-published books.

I accept books in the form of: finished copies (both HB and PB), ARC/proof, audiobooks, self-published books are sometimes okay.

eBooks? As of November 13th 2010, eBooks are not accepted. Extremely sorry, but I find that if I have an eBook for review, I'll forget about it. When it's on my bookshelf, I can physically see it and feel guilty when I see that it is still on my review copies "to-be-read" pile. The exception is Netgalley.

My reviews: The length of my reviews will vary, depending on how much I have to say about it.
Every review will include:
- book cover
- general info: blurb (from Goodreads or the book), title, release date, publisher, author/s
- rating: I have a simple 5-star system, 2.5/5 is the lowest I will go. I have brief descriptions of my rating system at the bottom of my blog. If I do not finish your book I will explain why I could not complete it.
- my thoughts (sometimes a conclusion) and links (for purchase, to learn more about the book, contact, etc)
- trailer, if any

In addition to posting reviews here on the blog, I might also link on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook. In the case of an ARC, I will try to post a review around its release date until requested otherwise. My reading list is very full, so I cannot get to all of them in time, however.

In terms of how long it will take me to review, I have no idea. Sorry for not being professional. It really depends, but my TBR is big enough as is, so it may take months. If there is a strong deadline, I will make arrangements to read and review earlier.
If you wish to contact me for a review, please email me at cc932005[at]hotmail[dot]com.

 Giveaways Policy

So you'd like me to host a giveaway for one of your books? Email me letting me know what kind of book it is, include: blurb, official website, book cover, when you'd like the contest to be (if applicable), geographical restrictions (AUS only, US only, International), and any other details that you'd like to mention.

I'm sure I don't need to say this, but I will not enter the contests that I host. I'm not sure if any book bloggers do that, but I'd just like to bring that to your attention.

Privacy Policy
If you are entering one of my contests, please check with a parent or guardian for permission if you are under 13 years of age. I do not save email addresses, will not sell email addresses (is that possible?), will not spam your inbox, and after a giveaway, all details and forms will be deleted. Seriously, email addresses mean next to nothing to me. Unless if you send me a really nice email. Then we'll talk. :P
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