Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Dose Monday (4) + And yet another post about being a blogger...

Daily Dose Monday is a weekly meme, hosted at Good Golly Miss Holly, a fellow Aussie book blog. The meme features images that inspire, that create life and energy. Hope you enjoy this week's pictures! All the captions are just what I pull from each image. Sorry if they're not good--I just make them up on the spot, and I'm sleepy right now.

And here I stay, letting the ocean engulf me, letting its currents wash my pain away.
The most powerful of books can move even the tiniest of beings.
Maybe if I wish on enough flowers the sun will not set for another day; maybe the wind will not blow it all away.

The most beautiful rose is one that remains true to its roots.
(in this case, water and sun, but "rose" can be taken in a more metaphorical stance)

It's so amazing to think that I've been blogging for more than half a year now! Blogging has always been such a sweet escape from me, and it's still such a wonder that I didn't discover the book blogging community even earlier. It's all just been surreal. I've met so many great bloggers (even Aussies! :D), discovered amazing books that I will carry with me forever, and it's all gone by so quickly. This may sound like a blogoversary-type "speech", but it's more of an OMG-I-have-X-followers-now "speech". Thanks so much to you, my dear followers. I'm sorry I don't comment on every single one of your blog posts (that is, if you have a YA book blog). I may not be the best follower, but 2011 will see to it that I improve my commenting abilities. :)

Book Blogging Pet peeves

So anyway, I saw this awesome post over at Cover to Cover. Jessica lists all of her book blogging pet peeves, and I could not agree more with all those listed. I agree with all of them, except for the last one since I believe I'm guilty of doing that myself.  

Here are some of my additions:
  • One paragraph reviews — Especially when receiving review copies from publishers/authors, because one paragraph reviews are sloppy and lazy and brief, and really don't do much for anybody. If a blogger is in a hurry or under time-constrictions, save the post and schedule it for a later date. No one is rushing you.
  • Blogs that are spammed with blog posts linking to contests, so that said blogger may earn extra entries — No comment needed.
  • Spelling and grammar errors — Now I'm sure I've let slip a few errors here and there, but I'm talking about the blogs where there are multiple spelling errors. There is spell check with Blogger, people! Please, for the love of all that is good and sacred, USE IT!!!
  • Mixing up words such as than and then, and there and their and they're. This may be a bit "nit-picky" of me, but this annoys me more than anything. Of course, like with spell check, this is going to happen every now and again.
  • Insincere comments — The ones that are just like "Hey, cool review/blog! Go check out my blog at xx." Make a point, take your time, or don't bother commenting at all. I'm also trying to be better at this. :P
  • Blog posts with no images, at all, ever — People NEED visual representations so their eyes don't tune out. Same goes for big slabs of text--paragraphs, is the aim of the game here. Or lists, because they're awesome. ;)

That's all for now. 

What are your book blogger pet peeves? Have anything to add* , or comment on?

* Please check Cover to Cover too before adding on, as I agree with all points made.
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