Sunday, December 18, 2011


Oh hi there!

You might remember me. But really, I want you to remember Nomes (inkcrush), because if it weren't for her I would not even be holding a round-up of my favourites and most memorable moments of this book year.

We're at the crossroads, people. Can you feel it? The new year is upon us and I for one had an amazing year in 2011. Things can only go up from here! Personal life aside, I'm talking, books. You might be wondering: what's the point to this "prequel"? Well, I'm giving you a chance. One day before this notorious event, to get to making those lists! Here's where all the categories are!

I've had so much fun doing this, and have spent way too long agonising over my choices ~ as of right now I have read 80 books this year. With only two weeks left, I'll be rushing to cram some more in!

~ Additions to books/authors I've read this year ~

I've been doing a bit of backtracking, and there are so many beautiful things that authors, publishers and fans have whipped up that I am awestruck. This only includes books I've read this year, or authors whose books I read this year.

New books
  • Sequel to Daughter of Xanadu (Dori Jones Yang) has a name--Son of Venice. Okay, I don't care what you think, it's happy dance time! Source.
  • Short story of Tortured (Caragh O'Brien)--set in-between Birthmarked and Prized--is FREE to read for all.
  • Companion novel to Where I Belong (Gwendolyn Heasley), A Long Way From You will be told in Cowgirl-style Kitsy's perspective! 2012, source.

  • Between Shades of Gray (Ruta Sepetys) has a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, which I've had on repeat for ages! It really does bring me back to the book. Download it for free HERE!
  • Amplified (Tara Kelly) has its own site! Playlists and C-Side music will be available in the future. :D

~ Endings and Beginnings ~

  • My reading list in 2011: I've finally updated my list on the page, with my personal 'honourable mention' titles picked out ~ click here to view!
  • My 2011 reading challenges: A wrap-up will be posted on the 27th, along with my 2012 reading challenge intros. I've been really lazy with actually reporting back to challenge sites and linking reviews up...
  • In My Mailbox: Nothing has come through the mail in a fortnight, so I suppose my next IMM feature will be next year! I'll definitely share any book-related goodies that I get for Christmas; hope to see what you all get. :)
  • Christmas giveaway: Aussies, you'll want to get in on this one! Happy Birthday To Me by Brian Rowe + YA paranormal of your choice (in my giveaways pile) + Swag pack + Clockwork Angels poster and notebook. Enter here!

    ~~ some YA paranormals include: Hush Hush or Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick, The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting, Gravesminder by Melissa Marr--and more!

+ paranormal YA of choice + swag + poster & notebook

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