Friday, January 20, 2012

Maria V. Snyder Author Chat!

Click to go to the Harlequin Teen Facebook page!
Anyone who has delved into the YA genre should, at the very least, know who Maria V. Snyder is. The big component that runs commonly through all her novels, so I've been told, is her heroines--they are strong and independent and powerful. Bold. Stubborn. Amazing.

Having only read Touch of Power myself {review link}, I can't personally proclaim that Snyder's other books are awesome, but I can say this: CHECK HER OUT!

And now an impromptu poem . . .

For all you Aussies,
this coming Friday (27/01),
make sure to tune in to HarlequinTeenAus at Facebook!

Even if you haven't read her books.
Or if you've only read one.

Regardless, you could:
Ask about her life.
Ask about her breakfast.
Ask about her shoe size.
Ask away!

I'll be there.
Will you?

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