Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tune in Tuesday (1): Throne of Glass & Pushing the Limits

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at GReads. It's pretty self-explanatory as to what this feature is about. I'll be linking a song/s to each book I am currently reading, or one I have recently finished, or what ever.

Music and books are so alike, in that they not only tell a story; they also have heaps of room for interpretation and the experience of either is really up to the consumer. That's the true beauty in both; they can spark inspiration and at its best . . . they're the closest things to magic. I love discovering new (and good) music as much as I love discovering new books. Join in every week! And please, please, comment with any new songs you find!

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Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry.

It's one of those good-girl-meets-bad-boy stories, which I have a 50/50 chance of reacting by loathing all the characters--especially the bad boy, or getting swept up in the beauty of the unlikely romance and feeling for the poor guy who has a sorrowful past. I'm glad to say PTL is in the latter category.

I think that McGarry has done a good job of creating believable characters that inspire empathy from the reader.


(^ NeedtoBreathe - Something Beautiful)

This is among my most-anticipated releases of the year! I implore you to read the four prequel novellas before tackling this book.

I'm just loving it so far, and I knew I was going to. Read for the snarky, badass assassin-heroine. Read for the high fantasy elements and awesome fighting scenes. Read for the finely executed writing. Above it all, read it because Sarah J. Maas has worked 10 years towards her publication. 10 years! And she's cute as a button, hehe.


(^ Within Temptation - Stand My Ground)
Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here (#0.4, Celaena > Sam)

[The "official" playlist - in abundance :)]

I'm going to stop with Throne of Glass. It's hard because it's a fantasy book so I just feel like contemporary music doesn't fit quite right. Suggestions?

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