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My Books in Colour (9) - New Books!

MBiC is a fortnightly (*ahem*) post book haul feature, and is inspired by Kristi (The Story Siren) and Alea (Pop Culture Junkie). I love looking at book covers, and especially their colours, and that is where my idea came from.


18th of January 2012 ~ Notes

For Christmas I got some books (which I asked for). I also bought a massive amount of books. A quick look at my track record would indicate that the chance of my reading these books in the foreseeable future is very, very slim. Well, at least my total for the month is less than $100! Also got some review copies for this month. Lots of good books!

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Note: All release dates are in the format (dd/mm/yyyy), click on images to zoom in, all book links go to Goodreads.

* = Up for swap

For Review

Thanks to...
Bloomsbury, Hachette, Penguin and Simon & Schuster!
  • Hysteria - Megan Miranda - 01/02/2013 - requested?
  • Through to You - Emily Hainsworth - 01/01/2013 - unsolicited?
  • Prodigy (#2) - Marie Lu - 29/01/2013 - unsolicited
  • Legacy (#2) - C.J. Daugherty - 17/01/2013  - unsolicited
  • The Laeduin (#2) - Leah Giarratano - 31/01/2013 - unsolicited
I'm extremely excited about these titles! Especially Hysteria... I really enjoyed Miranda's debut novel (Fracture) and I'm completely hooked in by the premise. It sounds intense. I've been seeing some mixed reviews for Through to You but I still have high hopes for it. I loved Legend (though I'm struggling to remember what happened in it) and I can't wait to delve into Prodigy! As for the other two books I received... they're parts of series that I have not started yet. Boo me!


This year I asked for three books--
I also got a 'Things to Do' pad of paper (very handy for me) and a new computer monitor/TV (from my parents); a Luigi plush (from my sister); 2 more plushies, and a syringue pen (from my older brother); and a cute T-shirt (from my younger brother).

Oh, I love Christmas. It's not just the gifts. I just love how different the world seems when December rolls on over, when school is done for the year and the temperature starts to creep up... and the night comes later and later. :D Hope you all had a wonderful time too!


Adult contemporary

Again, I bought a lot of books from AllBooks4Less. When they held a holiday special ($3/book) I just went bananas. And then when I was out shopping I bought a few more since the shop had a stall open up and I found some books that weren't on the site. No regrets. No regrets.

I also bought a couple of books from The Book Depository: Ashes and Just One Day (!!!)

Q: What is your reading goal for 2013?

This year I'm going for something a little more realistic: 60 books. 5 books a month. I want to get in at least 15 books for Jan+Feb, because of the holidays and I normally read next to nothing at the end of the year (Oct-Dec). What about you?

Happy reading everybody! Comment below.
Share with me what books you got! :)

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