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[Review] The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

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(#1, The 5th Wave)
The 5th Wave | #2 | #3

Publication (dd/mm/yyyy): 07/05/2013
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Pages: 457
Source: Publisher (thanks Tina!)

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Violence | Sexual ContentProfanity

My Rating: 
Full of tension and heart.

My thoughts

This book wasn't even on my radar until Nomes reviewed it. And Wendy. So of course it was then that I requested the book on Netgalley. Just when I was about to prepare myself to start reading it I received a physical copy for review in the mail. How’s that for timing?

I’m going along with the hype train: this book is GOOD.

This is the first book in a new dystopian/sci-fi series by Rick Yancey.

The 5th Wave is about the end of humanity when a mysterious and unknown alien species arrives. There have been four waves so far—four attacks that have resulted in devastating losses and fear in those who have survived. There may only be a few humans remaining. Cassie and her brother and father are still alive and together, which doesn’t last long. At the beginning of the novel Cassie is alone, hiding and running from the Others. Trust no one. She narrowly escapes death and wakes up in a stranger’s cabin. There she meets Evan.

This book is written in multiple perspectives: some first person, some third person. Most of the story is told in the eyes and mind of sixteen-year-old Cassie. I loved her voice, it’s kind of sarcastic and blunt, and through her we see the world as it is. I liked Cassie. I can understand how she might be a bit hard to bear at times, but I was able to sympathise with her situation and root for her to survive and save her loved ones. We learn what her life was like before, in Peacetime. She was doing okay; she had a best friend and a crush on a guy (who never knew she existed), and now it’s too late and nothing but survival matters. She may be na├»ve in some areas, but she grows and learns so much (and kills a couple baddies along the way).

I like the concept for the aliens. The prologue both spoiled and intrigued me, but that didn’t matter in the end because I promptly forgot I’d even read it. I’ve only read one other book with aliens in it so I can’t say anything on the originality of its conception, but I am curious to see how Yancey develops the Others even further. There is still a lot more that can be explored and I hope we get to see it!

The only thing I had mixed feelings about was the romance. Of course. (Seems like it’s the only thing I ever complain about.) I didn’t buy into it completely. That is not to say that I found the progression of their relationship interesting, and I found on some level that it made sense: They’re placed in dire circumstances and they only have each other. But can they trust each other? *sigh* I don’t know. This is just a personal issue I have. I both liked it (for reasons above) and didn’t (because it progressed so quickly and I didn’t buy into the chemistry).

The 5th Wave consumed my every thought as I delved into its pages. This is a strong introduction to a new dystopian/sci-fi series where alien arrival has spelled out the end of humanity. Tension is felt in every sentence. The plot moved along at a mixed pace—there are moments of action and anecdotes of the past, and a whole lot of good dialogue and description and explanations in between. Cassie is a fantastic protagonist that demands to be understood by the reader. Her voice is spot-on, her wit and determination, inspiring.
PS. I see this as like Blood Red Road plus aliens (maybe The Host?), blown to hell. Anybody else feel the comparison? (Which is a good thing as I loved both.)


First line: INTRUSION: 1995 - There will be no awakening.

Favourite quotes:

"'You're the mayfly,' he murmurs.”  (178)

"'What are you doing with that gun, Cassie?'
Oh, I was thinking about blowing your head off, that's all. Thought you might be a Silencer or maybe a traitor to your species or something along those lines. Ha-ha! (280)

** p. 446 (end of chapter 87) ~ my favourite quote, maybe?




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