Friday, October 4, 2013

[Guest Post + Giveway] S.M. Bjarnson, author of Tangled Tears

Hey fellow bookworms!

It's been a long while since my last post. I have a whole lot of review-writing to catch up on! Times are busy with uni (final year -> headache!), work and personal issues... But enough about that. A lovely new author, S.M. Bjarnson, contacted me about her new YA book. The premise sounds promising; even though I have not read it yet I am excited to have an electronic copy to read in the future.

Here's what she had to say about growing up and overcoming challenges in life...

Now Onto the Next Step by S.M. Bjarnson

           There are many challenges in our lives that we can easily walk away from. Trials that faze us either the right or wrong way. There are plenty of times in a young artist's life when giving into the odds is easier than spiting them.
           Transforming from girl to woman, boy to man, is a course both chaotic and indirect. Nonetheless finding yourself in this oblivious world is a straight forward blur of uncertified facts mixed with a mirage of fictitious morals.
           Imagine yourself at the bottom platform of a cascading staircase. Your glance is met with all the necessary steps to acquire the high beacon.
           Your focus not declaring or assuming its presence. In life and in love, faith tells you, it exists. It speaks loudly in your ear persuading your greatest efforts of this wonderful idea of success. Eyes closed, deep breaths taken in. Picking up each foot to make the next sacrificing stride. This staircase leads you up a winding beautiful mountain. The scenery claiming no faults in any direction. Quiet peace surrounding your persona. Welcoming in this attitude of gratitude; you are calm and powerful. Hope lingers beside the knowledge of your daring being, ever so silently.
            As you make your way further up the curving pathway, not knowing what the next step may bring you; trust first, then believe. Without question or much hesitation you begin to hear a faint annoyance of a buzzing. Turning around, the landscape empty except of you. Ignoring the humming whispers, you decide to press on. Suddenly, the small buzz has turned into a crack in the stone, a trip in your step. Staggering your progress and casting your view down. Faces appear at your shins grasping at your weaknesses and applauding them in mockery. The doubts and fears you have start challenging you, whispering to you false information. They tell you there is no chance in paradise with you ever reaching the top of this hill. You're never going to accomplish the task ahead. The last ones always cutting the deepest; you are unworthy of being victorious. Draining the potential power left to win this race. They have made a personal commitment to bringing you to your knees in definite defeat.
            You stumble trying to keep balance. Scraping by another inch or so. You rise each foot again and again. Pledging your name to that trophy. The new found strength in your legs makes the effort easier. There's a break between the white clouds and your destination is in pleasant view.
            Throwing your hands up in the air. Hallelujah on your tongue. You have made the long journey. On top you are welcomed with applause and a celebration of your triumph.

    In closing a final tune to keep in mind:

        When you're stuck in a rut, and your story won't fly.
Think of the thoughts, that make your heart jump and the setting catered your way.
What words would be said and words be exchanged, how confident are you with the world you have created?
Can you think up a rhyme or a time of age?
A characters name or how it will end?
Just remember when your down on your pen and your ink has run dry, tomorrow has a better thought in mind for the end of your lines.
Best wishes, and whimsical hope!
S.M. Bjarnson


  • 1x eBook of Tangled Stars, a YA contemporary novel about loss, grief and guilt.
  • Giveaway will run from 4/10/2013 - 21/10/2013
  • International! :D
  • Winner will be contacted via email or Twitter, depending on the entrant's choice of contact
  • To enter, leave a comment below. It can be about anything! :) If you can't leave a comment, you can send me a Tweet (@cc9309) mentioning Tangled Tears.

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