Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review Bites (3): Through to You and more!

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I don't write reviews for every single book I read, at least not here on the blog, but that's just because I don't have enough to say for some of them. Review Bites is here to remedy that.

The books which I will be reviewing are mostly books I haven't received for review but have been sitting in my to-review pile (or books for review that I never got around to reviewing). I still feel like I have to talk about them. So while these reviews are much, much shorter than my regular ones, I feel satisfied in knowing that my own words have been said about them.

Reviewed in this post:

- Through to You by Emily Hainsworth [for review]
- Fated by Sarah Alderson [for review]
- Game On (#1, The Academy) by Monica Seles [for review]

Emily Hainsworth
Violence Sexual ContentProfanity

Sarah Alderson
Violence Sexual ContentProfanity

Monica Seles
Violence Sexual ContentProfanity

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