Saturday, June 19, 2010

I wish there was more time in the world to read

Well, here's another fabulous contest, hosted at The Book Smugglers.
There are 8 books up for grabs:
  1. Passing Strange by Daniel Waters
  2. The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams
  3. Night of the Solstice by L.J. Smith
  4. Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready
  5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Books 1 and 2)
  6. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
  7. The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
All you have to do is go click on the link here, comment on what book you're most anticipating! It's that simple. :) Some really great titles here, so it would be fabulous to win, but obviously lots of people are going to want to get their hands on the prize!

I've been finding a whole hoard of giveaways lately, and it's so overwhelming! So many good book titles out there for grabs, and I can't stop! There's not enough time to read them all, especially since I've got exams coming up soon, but that isn't stopping me. It really should be. It's just so easy to get caught up reading a book, and lose track of the time.

If/when I found out how to make separate pages, I'll have a giveaways page so I can dump all my links and stuff. Believe me, I have a really long list. I will make a post when I make the page, SO follow me, or you can subscribe my e-mail. I also have a twitter, which I use to tweet a heck of a lot of contests/giveaways, so you can follow me there, also. :)

Currently Reading:

Wintergirls is a debut novel by Laurise Halse Anderson, and it focuses on a girl who is obsessed with her weight, and yes, it's an eating disorder book. I haven't read nearly enough to disclose spoiler-worthy comments, or any comments at all. I've read good reviews about it, so I hope it holds true to my expectations of it.

Killer is the 6th in the 8 book series, Pretty Little Liars, by Sara Shepard. I love the series, and it's just so easy to read. It was, essentially, the book to get me into the groove of reading. Each book is a bit more than 300 pages, so they're a fair length. (length doesn't hold a candle to Harry Potter or many other series, though) I can't talk about what has happened so far, as it is INCREDIBLY spoiler-ish!

I received Split by a Kiss from Luisa Plaja, herself! I won her sequel, Swapped by a Kiss, and so she sent me Split by a Kiss, signed! :D She's such a sweet person. I have yet to start reading it, since I'm still reading Wintergirls and Killer. Swapped by a Kiss was a lovely book. It made me laugh, smile, and I cried, or almost cried at one point. People of all ages will find something to like about this book. Also, pretty G rated, so I'm sure even little kiddies will be able to read it and appreciate it! I can't wait to get started...if only my To-Read pile didn't keep on growing. :\
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