Saturday, December 11, 2010

Couples Christmas Countdown (+ giveaway)

It is the Second Year of the Couples Christmas Countdown!

There is a contest, open for all (The Book Depository), which ends on the 22nd of December. Alexa is going to be picking one winner, and he/she will get to pick three books to own, out of her list of favourite couples.

Also, there are blogger interviews and guest posts, including Australia's very own Nomes of inkcrush. :) I'm still a bit sluggish from my holidays, so I haven't read through it yet. (I still have "1000+" new items on my Google Reader! There must have been at least 3000 posts already, over one week.)

My favourite couple is probably going to have to be:

Adam and Mia from IF I STAY by Gayle Forman.

Which makes the reading in the near future of Where She Went so repudiating. I mean, in IIS, they are so strong, and it is their love that drives the narrative to its conclusion. In WSW, they have gone their separate ways, and it saddens me to think that they may never be together again.

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