Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FIVE Challenge: Great YA Bloggers

I've been wanting to do some sort of a wrap-up post with 2010, with regards to reading books and blogging. What better way to get started than through Persnickety Snark's challenge? Hope you're a part of this challenge too! If you are, go ahead--comment and link to your blog so I can check out what great reads you picked up in 2010!

Today's 5 is for...
Great YA Bloggers

I've met so many awesome bloggers, and there are so, so many more out there that I'd like to mention, but here's a few people. You'll see me bending the rules again. ;)

Sorry for not editing my post! I always schedule my posts before finishing them. :/

Aussie Bloggers

She's so hardworking, and I love that she loves YA the way she does. An amazing person. :)

Good Golly Miss Holly
Yeah, Holly's pretty awesome. I love her blog tours, unique take to blogging, and that she takes forever to read books, too!

Book Couture
Such a cute blog layout!

Lost in stories
I've been in blog-awe since I first discovered her blog. I loved the title, the layout, the reviewing style--everything about it, and everything about Romy!

Badass Bookie

International Bloggers
(anywhere else)

The Story Siren
Like many others, Kristi is just a phenomenon. I don't know how she does it all, but she's superwoman. :D

The Bookologist
I don't know. I've always just been such a fan of her blog. It's so . . . solid. Yeah. This girl's got it all worked out.

Jessica & Stacy
Chapter Chicks
These two chicks are so quirky, and I love their sister dynamic. They may not be the quickest reviewers, but they're just so memorable!

Just about the only blog that I follow that is on Tumblr. Lauren is a sweetie, and I'm crazy about her blog and vlogs.

My favourite UK blogger. I watch every one of her blogs. I love her accent too. ;)

Honourable Mentions

Steph - My Girl Friday (Aussie)
Polyvore Profiles! Steph's blog is original and has such a homely feel to it.

Jeremy - Novel Thoughts
Awesome guy. Has great taste in books, too. ;)

Alea - Pop Culture Junkie
So very original. I love her comparison posts as well as her "This week in books" segments.

Cindy - Princess Bookie
Very friendly and a blogger I really look up to.

Alex - Electrifying Reviews
Alex is the "typical teenager" to me, and I respect his opinions as a fellow blogger.

Brent - Naughty Book Kitties
I love his personality and eccentric take to blogging. All those haters can just shove it!

The Schedule

December 21 - 5 Great Debuts
December 22 - 5 Great Covers
December 23 - 5 Great Series
December 24 - 5 Great Re-Reads *facepalm* it seems I've deleted this post...
December 25 - 5 Most Anticipated
December 26 - 5 Hopes for YA in 2011
December 27 - 5 Great YA Movie Deals
December 28 - 5 Great Author Moments *will have to stick this one out--living in Australia has its severe downfalls*
December 29 - 5 Great YA Bloggers
December 30 - 5 Great Miracles that Occurred to Get Me Reading More ______ (choose your genre)
December 31 - 5 Best Titles for 2010 (which I double because 5 was too hard).

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