Monday, May 2, 2011

[Giveaway] Forgotten by Cat Patrick WINNERS!!!

Left to right: AUS, UK, US
Release: June 2011

Forgotten is an amazing book, and I'm glad that I got the chance to host a giveaway for it. I hope those who didn't win can wait another month, because this is just one book that you do NOT want to miss out on!

There were 17 ARC entries and 23 Post-it entries. (I was too busy/lazy to advertise more :P)

Without further ado . . . loves who(m)? 
Please tell me no one read this. My lame-osity has reached a dangeous level today.


#1: Cheree (QLD)
Check out her blog: Justified Lunacy.
(Your WIP sounds like a delight for paranormal fans!)


#19: Arielle (WA)
Check out her blog: Pen&PepperDreams.
(That chocolate cake looks scrumptious!)

Congratulations!!! :D I'll be emailing you both. I'm going to double check with Rebecca for the ARC, but Arielle, your special limited edition Forgotten post-its will be on the way in a couple days! I'll throw in some extra goodies too. ;)

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