Monday, September 19, 2011

Veronica Roth's next book will be called DETERGENT! ;)

Read up HERE on that "Detergent" gag. Also, go HERE to read a little more from the mastermind behind the trilogy. I really can't wait for INSURGENT to come out, as well as anything else she has in store for all us readers out there.


I don't normally post covers, just because I figure everyone will be sick of them by the time they get around to my post. But it's Veronica Roth! And a new cover! 'Nuff said.

I actually want to see if anyone has anything NEGATIVE to say about these covers. I love the symbolism and the tiny details of the cover; it really makes a difference if you read the first book before looking at this cover. 

My INSURGENT review (if anyone wants to read it):
This HAS to be the most reviewed pre-order 2012 YA book to date! Keep the comments rolling in, I say. Look at that cover. Be dazzled by its desolate but intoxicatingly mesmerising tree swirls! Throw objects at the tiny train silhouette and plaster it all on the walls.

Smell the month of May 2012 slowly approaching and bask in its ultimate glory. This will be awesome. I command Veronica Roth not to screw this up! Don't kill off Tobias. Don't make Tris a weakling. Don't formulate a love triangle. DO write awesomely instead. 8D

*sigh* So overwhelmed by it all! And then the movie will come out. AND THEN THE MOVIE WILL COME OUT!

Anyone else itching for a preview?

Q: When does it come out?
A: May 2012!!!

A: Go add Insurgent (or Divergent if you haven't already) on Goodreads and I'll forgive you.

Q: When will you start reviewing books again?
A: When hell freezes over. Or when I'm bothered to start writing them.
Whicheeeever comes sooner.

...It started with a book cover.
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