Sunday, October 30, 2011

KIND OF In My Mailbox...I have an excuse!!! (+ hidden giveaway in post)

Hi. This is a cat.

Yay for excuses!

Anyway, I can't find my camera for the life of me. My room is just at that stage where I've given up on cleaning it up. I don't get how people can be so meticulous and clean their room on a regular basis - that's just not who I am.

I have two piles of books for IMM and I'm itching to share it with you guys since I haven't done one for yet another month!
I feel guilty since most of these are review copies, so I'll just highlight some books that I've got that are releasing soon/now. Australia or elsewhere.

I'll take a photo at a later date, or maybe even do a vlog -- who knows? So so so so so so many series items lately, which means they'll be thrown to the side. What can I say?

Harlequin Teen

* THE IRON KNIGHT (#4, Iron Fey series) by Julie Kagawa - Now, to get books #2 and #3, and read #1-4...
Release Date: November 2011, maybe?

* TOUCH OF POWER by Maria V. Snyder - Beautiful cover, which you can see on Goodreads. I got the ARC (check out a fellow Aussie's IMM), which is blank, but still ARCs are awesome!
Release Date: January 2012

Penguin Australia

* BEAUTIFUL CHAOS (#3, Castor Chronicles series) by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl - Still haven't read this series since it's so long. Heard lots of great things about it, and might start since I now have the whole series and can read it in bulk. 
Release Date: 31st October 2011

* LAST BREATH (#11, Morganville Vampires series) by Rachel Caine - I read the first book, Glass Houses, and it was really good. Someone told me that the series gets a lot better as you go along, so I'll have to grab books #2-10, somehow.
Release Date: 31st October 2011

* THE SENDING (#6, Obernewtyn Chronicles) by Isobelle Carmody - Looks like a really good fantasy series! I've barely heard of the series, but can you honestly say YOU'RE not curious?
Release Date: 31st October 2011

* AUDITION by Stasia Ward Kehoe - Reading now, not too far in yet. It's a verse novel, but I really like how it reads like a 'normal' prose novel.
Release Date: 31st October 2011

* RECKONING (#5, Strange Angels series) by Lili St. Crow - Still don't have the #2 book. I'm thinking if I can't find a red (not updated) copy of the book, then I'll grab an ebook and read it in the meantime so I can get through this series. I've been dying to read it!

Simon & Schuster

* Silence (#3, Hush Hush series) by Becca Fitzpatrick - I am not reading this series. I'm just not a huge angel YA fan. So. The first commenter who mentions Silence and wants it and lives in Australia can have it. Just be very clear, and provide an email address.
Release Date: October 2011?

* PRIZED (#2, Birthmarked) by Caragh O'Brien - Birthmarked is without a doubt one of my favourite dystopian novels. I'm both worried and excited, because I've heard several times that Gaia's character is so much weaker in this book. But still, I hope I can still enjoy it.
Release Date: October 2011

* EMERALD by Karen Wallace - I really like this cover, and I'm so hoping there's something significant about the dress and the bird (dove?). And what's going on in the background??
Release Date: October 2011

* ELIXIR by Hilary Duff - Apparently this is a pretty good read. Thanks for sending the first book when I asked, S&S!

Allen & Unwin/Bloomsbury

* SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi - I just finished reading this a couple days ago. 4.5 STARS ~ What an earth-rumbling debut this book is! It's quiet in its malice, the action unfolds slowly, and you'll find yourself in Juliette's head quite a lot. So many twists in this book and it's just all really good. Definitely recommend you add this to your reading pile this summer/winter!
Release Date: November 2011

* AFTER OBSESSION by Carrie Jones & Steven E. Wedel - Pretty cool cover. I've forgotten what it's about, to be honest. But Carrie Jones co-wrote it, so it could be good! Let me know if you've read this -- seriously, let me know what this book is about.
Release Date: 10 October 2011

What did you get in your mailbox?

I promise I'll be reading a whole lot more, and posting more after my last exam, which is the 17TH OF NOVEMBER. Thanks for the patience, guys! Stay safe, and all of that.

Remember, I'm hosting a giveaway for Brimstone by Alan Skinner! It's open to any Australian resident, and you have until mid-November to enter. Just comment either on the Brimstone review post [here] or even on this post. Just express your interest and I'll enter you.

If only we celebrated Halloween in Australia...
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