Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Squeakers and Buttberp talk books

Hey there readers! I'm just here in between study sessions.

For those who missed it on the Google Reader yesterday, I'm hosting a giveaway for 'Brimstone' by Alan Skinner. You can go check it out HERE. If you're an Aussie resident, all you have to do is comment and you're in the draw for a free physical copy!

Anyway, you might be wondering: What's up with the title of this blog post? Exactly what it says, really. I'm sure a few of you know about this online animated text-to-video maker called XTRANORMAL. "Squeakers and Buttberp" is one of those. Don't tune off just yet! It's actually quite...well, funny.

Each video consists of two bears: one wearing overalls and the other in Native American gear, Squeakers and Buttberp respectively. Squeakers loves to read, and the two bears strike up some conversation and he (though he has a girl's voice) will segue into the newest book he has read. Aaaand Buttberp's only got one think on his mind all the while: hot chicks. Each video is only around 2 mins so they don't take long at all to get through, and many of the books mentioned are actually ones I've enjoyed myself or have wanted to read.

Check them out if you want to watch something bookish but also a bit silly and won't take too long to watch. In a few days my review of LIESL & PO (by Lauren Oliver) will be up. Loved it, and if I could, I'd ramble on about the prettiness of the book and its contents right now, but I've got to get back to work. Thanks for reading, and if you do go watch one of the vids, comment or like!


*I was not asked to mention Squeakers and Buttberp. I thought maybe someone else might appreciate the vids. 
I actually stumbled upon this when looking into 'God is in the Pancakes' by Robin Epstein AGAIN.*
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