Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Question Time! (1)

Review books time: My eyes wander the page but I lose sight of the words.
 Alright, so I should probably be feeling worse than I do about the fact that I don't post so much. I must be one of the laziest bloggers around. I've been doing a lot of reading, I swear... just not much reviewing. I'll try and pop at least one out for this week, since I hate having this build-up. Just, uni... you know. =P
Uni work time: How my mind works during times of stress.
Anyway! Onto the question!

Q: What are some good starter adult fiction novels for someone who usually reads YA?

You can suggest authors or specific titles, I don't mind. I've already got Jodi Picoult on my list, but as far as that I've only got titles listed here and there.

I'm particularly interested in historical (not necessarily historical romances) and contemporary - thriller, mystery... the like. But more importantly, I'm thinking of writing style and character development/likeability.

I also cannot wait to show you guys what books I've received last week! I'm not sure if anything's coming for me this week, but AHHH! So happy. =) Also for anyone living in NSW, remember to vote this Saturday! I'll be working as one of the Officials. I did it last year but I can tell you it's really boring to stay at the voting place for the whole day. Bleh... But hello $350! I wonder what books I shall buy. Hahaha!

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