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My Books in Colour (8): Book Haul Time!

MBiC is a fortnightly (*ahem*) post book haul feature, and is inspired by Kristi (The Story Siren) and Alea (Pop Culture Junkie). I love looking at book covers, and especially their colours, and that is where my idea came from.


15th of December 2012 ~ Notes

In the two months I've been away from the blogging community (again) I've acquired 24 new books. I'm simultaneously proud, and disgusted, by my book-buying actions of late, because yet again the majority of my haul was gained by the use of my card, The Book Depository and Basement Books. This is my last book haul for 2012. I'll show the ones I'll be getting for Christmas next year (they're good ones too!)... Yes, I asked for more books for my Christmas... again. My family is sick of it.

Note: All release dates are in the format (dd/mm/yyyy), click on images to zoom in, all book links go to Goodreads.

* = Up for swap

For Review

Thanks to...
Bloomsbury, Hachette, Harlequin, HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan, Penguin and James Laidler (Hybrid Publishers)

Oh my God, I'm so happy about getting Dance of Shadows (also came with Jordana nail polish!), Days of Blood and Starlight, Falling Kingdoms and Scent of Magic! I have given up on the PLL series so Burned is up for swap. I reviewed James Laidler's debut interactive novel last year (The Taste of Apple) and I'm currently reading Pulling Down the Stars. Pretty good so far: Aussie, beachy and summery. Also currently reading Scent of Magic. It's finally picking up!


Some of these were bought so that I could get free shipping (I did still want them) but I was ecstatic about some of these titles. I got Poison Study for just $2, the last one available at Basement Books. Also, Graffiti Moon. I felt it would have been an injustice had I just bought the US edition online for cheaper so I'm glad that I finally found the Aussie version. Ask the Passengers - how could I not pre-order this! It's *gorgeous* and I love King's writing. I just recently heard about A World Between Us. My love for historical fiction begged me to get this one. Seriously just take a look at that cover. It is one of the best I've seen in 2012. Also, I finally got a copy of Torn. I really enjoyed Entangled, Clarke's debut novel...

Q: What are your reading plans for the holidays?

I'm around 10 books behind my goal for 2012. I'll settle with getting at least 5 more in, especially if I can finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before this year is done. My reading list for the rest of the year:
  1. HP:OoP (J.K. Rowling)
  2. Scent of Magic (Maria V. Snyder)
  3. Pulling Down the Stars (James Laidler - aussie author)
  4. The Silver Linings Playbook (Matthew Quick)
  5. What's Left of Me (Kat Zhang)
  6. Falling Kingdoms (Morgan Rhodes)
  7. Everybody Sees the Ants (A.S. King)
  8. Crossed (Ally Condie)
  9. A World Between Us (Lydia Syson)
  10. A book I asked for for Christmas... it's a classic! ;)

Happy reading everybody! Comment below.
Share with me what books you got! :)

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