Saturday, December 29, 2012

[Review Bites #1] A Monster Calls, Virtuosity, Wood Angel & Where I Belong

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I don't write reviews for every single book I read, at least not here on the blog.
Review Bites is here to remedy that.
(This is not my own original idea.)

The books which I will be reviewing are all books I haven't received for review (I either bought them or was gifted them) but have been sitting in my to-review pile nonetheless. Why? Because I still felt the need to talk about them. So while these reviews are much, much shorter than my regular ones, I feel satisfied in knowing that my own words have been said about them.

PS. This is my last post for 2012. I really hope to post more next year! This new feature will definitely help keep me on top of reviews, at least! I'm really excited that I can finally get these books onto my read bookshelf. :)

Happy New Year and read on!

Patrick Ness, Jim Kay (illust.)

Violence Sexual ContentProfanity
5/A life-changing experience

Jessica Martinez

Violence Sexual ContentProfanity
4.5/Lovely and powerful

Erin Bow

Violence Sexual ContentProfanity
4.5/Fantastical and heartachy

Gwendolyn Heasley

Violence Sexual ContentProfanity
3.5/A dose of sunshine

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