Monday, February 25, 2013

Giveaway winners

Yay! Time to reveal the winners. :D The response for these giveaways wasn't all that great but since it was a way to thank my followers I didn't Linky it up or anything. Doesn't matter to me either way. All that matters is that two people are going to be getting some prizes!

For my Aussie publisher-sponsored (Harlequin Teen! <3) giveaway, the winner (Kim) will be receiving a set of Touch of Power AND Scent of Magic (Maria V. Snyder)! I love this series and I hope the winner does too.

The second giveaway was international and a winner's choice out of a list kind of thing. It was great looking at everyones' book choices. Just One Day was the popular choice (obviously) at 18 entries. I'm pleased that every option was chosen at least once. They're some of my favourite books and I would heavily endorse each and every one of them if prompted.

Not that Gayle Forman needs more sales, but our winner (Alexa @ Pages of Forbidden Love) also chose Forman's newest book. It is such a sweet read and I especially loved the role that Shakespeare played in the storyline. It's NA but not obnoxiously so. It's NA in the way that Where She Went was NA--a sincere attempt at realistically portraying "new adults" in all their frexed up glory.

Congrats, you two! If I don't hear anything in a week I'll choose another winner.

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