Thursday, February 7, 2013

When Aussie books make it to the States!

I can think of three recent instances* of Aussie authors making their debuts in the US: Jessica Shirvington (author of Embrace), Laura Buzo (author of Good Oil--titled Love and Other Perishable Items in the US) and Robyn Bavati (author of Dancing in the Dark).

Which is so freaking exciting! I've actually read and reviewed all three of these authors' debut novels. I've linked my reviews of them above. Just, yeah.

My opinion of Embrace has actually changed as time passed but I'm certainly in the minority with my current opinions on that book. I adore Good Oil and Dancing in the Dark, so I really wanted to make sure you all know that these books are written by AUSSIE AUTHORS! Which means, by default, that they are all great in their own right and that you should go and read them!

Above: Original AUS covers; Below: New US covers
(links to Goodreads pages)

Embrace is great for fans of paranormal books, and for an angel book it does really well. What other authors don't skim is the hierarchy and nitty-gritty of the whole angels theme.

Good Oil is a story of achey unrequited crushes and how unfair that can be. It's just so true to life, so true to the process of growing up. I'm actually thinking of buying the US cover so I can own two copies of the book. I heart this book! I also love Buzo's second book, Holier Than Thou.

Dancing in the Dark is about a Jewish teenage girl who falls into the world of dance, but she has to hide it from her family. Because they're super religious. It's such a lovely read, and I think its messages are universal. I wouldn't mind re-visiting all the characters soon!

Any of them catch your attention?

Also I want to know which covers of each book you prefer. Personally, US, AUS and AUS (respectively in reference of image above). Have you read any of these? Does it actually matter to you if these books are written by Aussie authors? Like, does that up their value instantly or something? I'm dying to know what you think!

* Actually, there's also Kirsty Eagar (author of Raw Blue). Let me know if there are any other authors you can think of.

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