Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best sites for the obsessed bookee

Where should one go to feed their book reading urges? Goodreads. Why? I'm not sure if this is just me becoming old and decrepit or not, but I could spend hours on end just browsing around goodreads-- there's just so much to do! Granted, there are no games or juicy gossip columns, not the typical teen experience here. It's pretty much everything books. They categorize everything so whether you're into YA, mystery, non-fiction, chick-lit, guy-lit, paranormal, romance; they have it. There are also many authors who are goodreads members, so you can follow up what their upcoming works are, and keep updated. Also, it's great when you just can't decide which book you should tackle next. You have a book? They have reviews.
Oh, and don't forget the firstreads program! You can enter for free books of your choosing! I guess it's because of goodreads that I'm such a frugal nut nowadays and enter enter enter in contests/giveaways hoping to win. Oh man it feels great knowing that something is coming along in the mail. :D (I shall talk about that more later)
I have 300+ books in my TBR pile, but that's because there's just so much variety, so many books, so many good drool-worthy book covers. I think 300 books could last me the rest of my life.


Note: there is a UK site as well, which in some cases offers books of slightly lower prices.

What can I say? If you need to buy books, bookdepository has it covered, at least for the most part. I have not seen a place that sells books at a more competitive price. They advertise free postage, which is actually added into the book prices, but even so the prices are cheaper! How do they do it? Anyway, I can't say TOO much, since I haven't officially bought from them yet, but I can say something about postage speed and packaging, since Luisa Plaja sent me "Swapped by a Kiss" through BookDepository. They're sent from UK, and it took 5 days to reach my mailbox. I live all the way over in Australia, which goes to show how efficient their shipping is. Also, it was nicely packaged, it was a padded medium-size package, and in it was a receipt of purchase AND a free bookmark! :) The book came in great condition, no rips, tears or even bent corners.
Free shipping, cheaper than cheap books, great condition, quick service/shipping and an organised, clean site that is regularly updated. Also, if you purchase several books, they individually send the books, so your mail will be VERY fun for the next week or so. :) I can't wait to verify my paypal account so I can buy!

Really, if there were only two sites I could visit on a daily basis, it would be these two sites. Brilliant. Also, I can't live without blog-hopping around for book reviews, interviews and more giveaways! Thanks for every blog owner out there! You're all awesome. :)

[NEW] Giveaways page - Check it out! I have the next few days up, and will progressively be updating and adding more and more. I can't add anymore at the moment, as I have work to do. >_< Thanks for reading, and follow my blog/twitter! :) I would really appreciate it, and it motivates me to actually blog here.


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