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[Review] One Night that Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt

Title: One Night that Changes Everything
Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Publication: July 2010
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Review Copy: Hardcover, bought
Pages: 242
My Rating:

Blurb from Goodreads:  
Eliza is in a full-blown panic. Her notebook has been stolen—the one that lists everything she wants but is afraid to go after. And the absolute worst person in the world has it: her ex-boyfriend, Cooper.

Like it’s not enough Cooper was lying to Eliza for their entire relationship, now he and his friends are blackmailing her. They’re giving her just one night to complete the most humiliating tasks on her list or they’ll post her secrets online—including the ones that aren’t just about her.

Eliza’s sure of only one thing: she isn’t going down without a fight. Cooper may have what’s left of her dignity, but she’s not the only one with something to hide …
My thoughts: 

I read this about two weeks ago, but *ahem*... One Night that Changes Everything had a compelling and unique storyline and premise-- it was about a notebook full of Eliza's, the main character, deepest secrets and fears, and not all of them about her; and her ex-boyfriend and his friends have it. What should have been a fun weekend with her two best friends Clarice and Marissa turns into an inevitable night of blackmail, overcoming things Eliza had once feared, fallings out, drama, and new love...

This novel was always moving along, and with about 12 hours (not even a day!) for the storyline, there wasn't much time for a dull moment. It was action-packed, in the slightest of ways, since there are no heavy explosions or alien invasions...or vampire biting, for all you paranormalists! 

The relationship between Eliza and Cooper (the ex) was actually nice, and fun to watch unfold and develop. It's really obvious what happens at the end between them, but it was still sweet when I got to read that moment. It wasn't overly sappy, or cheesy; though I think if it wasn't already obvious, this book is highly girl-oriented. I'm sure that guys CAN enjoy this one, but girls may be able to relate to some of the events a bit more...

However, good parts of the novel aside, I did have a few problems. When I was reading, I found that the distinction between Clarice and Marissa, Eliza's best friends, should have been more defined. I don't know, they seemed very similar. While there was that whole Clarice is a hopeless-romantic but keeps running to her "boyfriend" for hookups, or Marissa who...well, I can't even remember now. I remember her being described as the more... racy of the two. But really? I just wanted more of a distinction.

All in all, I enjoyed this one a whole lot. It was a quick read, it was interesting, I liked what was explored-- that, ultimately, the things that compell people to be afraid usually aren't too bad. If you're a sucker for teen girl light, fun and slightly-dramarific stories, you'll enjoy this one. 

This is my first novel from Lauren Barnholdt, so I can't give any comparisons between her other novels and this one.

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Melissa (i swim for oceans) said... [Reply]

Brilliant review! This is the first review I've read for this book, and it definitely sounds fast-paced and interesting...thanks for posting this! :)

Nomes said... [Reply]

i've been thinking about picking up one of her books. maybe this one or maybe Aces Up?

mainly i like an entertaining contemp read and this sounds good from your review as well.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Great review! I just bought my first Barnholdt book a couple of weeks ago although it was Two Way Street and I'm really looking forward to reading it!

Tammy (The Book Fairy's Haven) said... [Reply]

Great review - I've seen this one around, but for some or other reason wasn't interested enough in it until I've read your review. Will be on the look out for this one now! Besides, I could use with a contemp YA novel for a change, I think!

danya said... [Reply]

This one sounds like fun (glad to hear there is no vampire biting involved!)

Aleksandra said... [Reply]

Great review! I've read only one of her books Two-Way Street & I loved it, so I'd like to get this one, too :)

brandileigh2003 said... [Reply]

I have been on the fence about this one-- thanks for the great review.
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

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