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[ARC Review] Stork by Wendy Delsol

Title: Stork
Author: Wendy Delsol
Publication: 12 October 2010
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Review Copy: ARC, won (Thanks, Rebecca!)
Pages: 355
My Rating:

Blurb from Goodreads:  
Oh baby! A hip heroine discovers that she has the ability to decide who gets pregnant in this witty YA blend of romance and the supernatural.

Sixteen-year-old Katla has just moved from Los Angeles to the sticks of Minnesota. As if it weren’t enough that her trendy fashion sense draws stares, she learns to her horror that she’s a member of an ancient order of women who decide to whom certain babies will be born.

Add to that Wade, the arrogant football star whom Katla regrettably fooled around with, and Jack, a gorgeous farm boy who initially seems to hate her. Soon Katla is having freaky dreams about a crying infant and learns that, as children, she and Jack shared a near-fatal, possibly mystical experience.

Can Katla survive this major life makeover and find a dress for the homecoming dance? Drawing from Norse mythology and inspired by The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, debut author Wendy Delsol conceives an irreverent, highly entertaining novel about embracing change and the (baby) bumps along the way.

My thoughts: 

First off, look at that cover! Simple, but striking. Every element of the cover was made so clear to me once I'd read the novel cover to cover. I love covers that are just MADE for the book. It's not just pretty, it represents the very essence of Stork very well.

Stork won me over by introducing to me a whole different setting, concepts, characters that I had never seen or read about before. Stork is set in Minnesota, which I've only ever heard stuff about from How I Met Your Mother's Marshall Eriksen. Stork is, actually surprisingly (or not surprisingly) about a stork, or rather, a stork society. It's more than that, though. The main character, Katla, doesn't focus all her attention upon her recent discovery of being a Stork. She has a world and a life that she explores; everything is new, everything is scary. She makes friends, she finds love, she nearly dies--three times (slight spoiler if you thought Katla would die)!

The descriptions used are so easy to follow, so well-done that the whole setting - and every action - is vividly described. Delsol definitely has a way with words, and has come up with such a breath of fresh air with Stork.

The characters are interesting. While some of them were a bit eh, I liked Hulda, Jack, I hated Wade, and I disliked Grimilla. Now these names won't mean a thing to you unless you have read it already, but it's clear that this book stirred within me certain emotions towards characters! Which is definitely what an author should aim to do, because without alluring and unique characters that should be cared about, what is it doing on the market?

Now, this novel was a bit slow going at times, but the ending is brilliant. I did not put the book down for at least the last 100 pages. Let's just say that things get very heated, in more ways than one. ;)

Definitely worth a shot! Pick up a copy when you get the chance.

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StephTheBookworm said... [Reply]

Wow, this sounds like A LOT of fun!

Nomes said... [Reply]

this book sounds really cool and different. yours is the first review I've read of it and it sounds like such a fun original read. I'll have to look out for it


Missie, The Unread Reader said... [Reply]

First, let me say that I love HIMYM! I love that the first think you thought about was Marshall. You are awesome!

And yes, the cover is dreamy. I have seen it around, but I never bothered to pay close attention to the book because a story about a teen stork didn't seem very appealing. But after your glowing review, I'm gonna have to give it a try. Thanks!

Unknown said... [Reply]

Congratulations! I've given you the Versatile Blog Award over

♫♥✿Chas @ LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ said... [Reply]

WhOOoOO.... I love what I read. It's great that you mention slow going at times. I find it easier when I know that's to be expected but then it'll pick up.

So.... are they like shifters.... like werestorks? I am very intrigued and I am sure I will find out for myself if I get to read this one!=)

Tammy (The Book Fairy's Haven) said... [Reply]

Ha, Grimilla sounds like an absolutely evil name. I've come across this book quite a number of times now and so far everyone has been raving about it. Great review - it makes me want to read this one more than ever now!

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