Friday, July 22, 2011

Project Harry Potter (1): in which a shamed reader rights her wrongs

HP & Hogwarts Logos taken from Google

Because I live in Australia, I got to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 earlier than the rest of the world. I didn't take that into consideration, and so I was confused at how little the Blogosphere was buzzing about the end of an era. And then it happened.

And I feel as though I've missed out on the nostalgia, the memories that people have attached themselves to, the love of reading and fantasy - all thanks to this little series. It all started with Voldem--He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Sure, I eventually started to read the series, mostly because I was bored of reading the meagre amount of books I had stacked in my tiny bookshelf. My sister had the books (which I effectively ruined by the way - sorry sis!), and so began another venture out to discover The Boy Who Lived.


The point of it all is, I got into the game way too late. I was already in year 8 by then (2006), and the magic seemed lost on me. I stopped at book 5, and never could pick up the series again.

Until now.

AU covers :)

I will re-read books 1-4, and then continue onto the end of the series!
After that, I will watch all HP movies so as to refresh my memory. I'm hoping that watching the movies will take less time than reading those brick-of-a-book books.

Ahem. Because I have such a big TBR pile to adhere to, I will give myself, say, 1 year and a half from August 2011 to read all 1,085,170 words of the Harry Potter series, as well as watch the movies start to finish. So, I hope to be done with the series by February 2013, granted that the world doesn't end. :P

I have yet to decide what to do when I finish one book and move on to the next. Perhaps I will do a mini-wrap up so I know what has happened. Maybe my thoughts and a rating. Just to see how it's all going. :)

If there is anyone else who has not finished the series, do feel free to join in! This is really just a personal goal of mine, and it's been in my mind for a while now.
Change Project Harry Potter any way you want.

But I start in August.

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