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[Review] Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

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Publication (dd/mm/yyyy)14/12/2009
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 412
Source: Library
Genre: YA {ContemporaryVerse}

Violence | Sexual Content | Profanity
Warning: suicide, death

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My Rating
4.5/5 stars
My thoughts

*Sorry, this review is going to be all over the place! I really don't know why..can my being sick serve as an excuse? I seem to have lost the ability to speak coherently, succinctly and in an organised manner.*

When I pick up a verse book written by Lisa Schroeder I know that I'm going to read an emotionally turbulent and transcending book about grief, love and loss. Reading Chasing Brooklyn was no different - it was a quick read, full of beautifully written accounts of what grief feels like. I love Schroeder's written expression, and I think her poetry just flows so well! Chasing Brooklyn is beautiful and heart-achey and lovely, the carefully selected words tumbling down the pages.

My heart is full after reading about Brooklyn and Nico's journey to recovery, acceptance and courage in the wake of their boyfriend/brother (respectively) Lucca's, and now their friend Gabe's deaths. It was just so emotional and raw and it felt real.

I really like how Schroeder plays with the space that she is given, and the formatting does make a difference to the overall experience. Once again, the emotions were perfectly captured, I was able to empathise and understand the inner struggles that the two were facing and it was ultimately a heartwarming read.

The supernatural element added excitement and fear and helped to move the story along. Basically, Gabe is haunting Brooklyn in her dreams and Lucca is leaving Nico messages at night: help Brooklyn. Lucca doesn't know how he is supposed to do it, but the first step is to reach out to Brooklyn, and in helping Brooklyn he ends up also being healed in return.

Bottom line: I loved it! Why haven't I read more of Lisa Schroeder's books?!


First lines:

"One year ago today
I lost my boyfriend, Lucca.

He was
an artist
like me,
a dreamer
like me,
a nature lover
like me.
"I tell myself
it's just a house.

A house with walls,
and a roof on top.

I tell myself
don't think about the window
up there on the second floor,
the one he looked out of
while he talked to you on the phone,
telling you how much he loved you.

I tell myself
don't think about the front door
he walked through a million times
or the welcome mat
that no longer
welcomes him.

I tell myself
don't cry.

But I do.

Because it's
so much more
than just
a house.


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