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[Review] Frogkisser by Garth Nix

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Publication (dd/mm/yyyy)28/02/2017
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Pages: 336
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3.5/5 stars
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This is actually the first Garth Nix I've ever read and it is sure to be but only the first of many. Of course I had heard a lot about this prolific Aussie author in the past, most specifically in relation to his highly-esteemed fantasy series Abhorsen, starting with Sabriel. I actually went to a book event last year where I met the man himself, bought all the books in the series and henceforth got those books signed (along with my close friends), and listened to a delectable snippet of this adorable book, Frogkisser. From that point on, I knew that I would read it - as soon as it hit release date I frequented my local booksellers and grabbed my own beautiful yellow-paged copy.

This book has been compared to The Princess Bride, and I can understand where these comparisons have stemmed from. They are both fairytale-esque, and Nix's writing edges on a fine line between whimsical and ridiculous, which is exactly the kind of humour that runs deep in the aforementioned much-acclaimed novel and its film adaptation. It is quite magical and fun, and there were many moments that left me with a smile on my face. Yes, reading Frogkisser was definitely enjoyable!

Frogkisser is middle grade fiction, and it is certainly written with that audience in mind. I'm sure that I would have loved this to bits if I were younger, even back in high school perhaps. I just kept wishing for more lush description, without which I had difficulties immersing myself completely within the world. That said, the writing in general was very good and engaging, and really quite clever at times. (See: quotes)

There were a lot of fun characters with crazy names. It was so much fun following our Princess Anya in her quest to transform the prince back to his princely form; she ultimately has to find the ingredients to concoct a special balm with which she can kiss frogs back to their original forms. That ends up being a difficult endeavour in itself, but then the world's fate ends up resting on her shoulders and the whole situation is so entertaining to watch unfold! The only thing: I felt like the ending was super rushed and much of the magic was lost as a result of it. However, I still enjoyed the story overall!

I enjoyed the part with the Good Wizard, the gifts, Shrub the thief-boy-turned-newt and his mum, the Royal Dogs, especially Ardent, and all the froggy adventures. Oh, and let's not forget the crazy carpet rides! (PS. A map would have made this book like a bazillion times more awesome. Who agrees?!)

Frogkisser is a fun and magical fairy tale sure to enchant middle-graders and adults alike. Garth Nix has created memorable characters who will stay with you long after the last page. A must read with loved ones!


First lines:

"It was the middle of an ice storm, the wind howling across the frozen moat to hurl hailstones against the walls of the castle and its tightly shuttered windows. But despite wind and hail and the full chill panoply of winter, it was deliciously warm in the Great Hall.

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