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[Review] I Say Tomato by Katie Wall

Review - I Say Tomato by Katie Wall
Won a free copy as part of Goodreads' First Reads Program! Thank you Scribe Publishing!

Title: I Say Tomato
Author: Katie Wall
Genre: Romantic comedy, chick-lit
Ages: Young women?

Blurb: Sunny, a young Australian actress, has recently arrived in Hollywood — having left heartbreak behind at home — and is still finding her feet. Soon enough, she’s auditioning for parts, being swept off to the Sundance Film Festival and negotiating tricky cross-cultural misunderstandings. And all the time, she’s trying to work out what — and who — is really important in her life.

I Say Tomato is both a satire of the LA film scene and a charming romantic comedy, filled with humour and heart. It’s about a young woman trying to find herself, but perhaps looking in all the wrong places.

Review: I had not previously heard of I Say Tomato before the giveaway, so I did not know what to expect, especially since it was the author's- who is also an actress- debut novel. In three words- charming, raw and humorous.

The story follows the journey of a twenty-something actress from Australia, Sunny, who is trying to find herself career-wise in LA. Along the way, she has a few love interests, but she's still trying to figure out why her previous relationship with Tobey ended so abruptly upon hesitation of his marriage proposal. I can't say too much about the storyline, or else I might give it all away. I can say, however, that I really liked the characters and the writing. Katie Wall created a voice that seems believeable, who was witty and charming, but also realistic. Uncertainty, doubt, sarcasm.

Perhaps Americans may be offended by this novel, I can't say for sure. I found it to be a very enjoyable read. Katie Wall constructs several comparisons between Australia and America-- LA in specific. One such example would be when Sunny talks about how sarcasm is lost on Americans, and so she makes sure not to throw in comments that may come across as snide. I can't find the quote right now, but read it if you're curious!

If you're an Australian young-mid woman, I would recommend you to read this book, even just for an entertaining evening. It's a nice read, and I'm already missing Sunny and other characters. I love chick lit with endearing characters who are interesting in their own ways. If you're American, you may just need to be a little open-hearted. I mean, we Australians don't ride kangaroos instead of cars, or keep koalas as pets.

Rating: 3.5/5

You can buy "I Say Tomato" (PB only) at Amazon or Book Depository. It released May 3rd 2010!

On a side note, I just checked the Book Depository page, and it says it's Out of Stock! :D I'm glad people are buying them (the implications of OOS), because I enjoyed it and I hope others do too! I hope that it continues to sell, and that Wall will continue writing.


Linna said... [Reply]

This looks like a wonderful debut. I'm a fan of books that involve Australia, and some of my favorite authors are from there-- and I haven't heard of this before, so thanks for the review!

Cass said... [Reply]

@Linna (21 ♡ pages) Thanks for reading my review. :) I hope you go and check it out! There are excerpts around, so Google is your friend.

Aleksandra said... [Reply]

Sounds fun :)

Heidi V said... [Reply]

This sounds like a fun one! I'll have to find a copy...

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