Monday, July 12, 2010

Tell Me a Secret Cover Contest

Hosted at Princess Bookie. I was determined to at least make a cover, so here it is. I don't aim to win, I just entered for the fun of supporting a book I'm really excited about!

Ugh...I'm so rusty on Photoshop, and it doesn't help that my version is really old. Here's my embarrassing attempt at a cover image. :\ Sorry Holly...I tried to find a good image, and it's an amazing image, but I couldn't fix the quality of it so it looks like a disaster.

Original Cover:

My embarrassing re-made cover:

Click on the link to view the original, non-resized version. I had mega trouble finding good fonts & colours, and I got frustrated and gave up. So yeah, that's why it's mostly white. :P


Jan von Harz said... [Reply]

Pretty, like the idea of the girl and the bird, used it too. Great job!

Mrs. DeRaps said... [Reply]

Nice. This seems to go well with the plot of the book.

Missie, The Unread Reader said... [Reply]

The image really catches the eye! Great job! And I like the font and colors.

Here is mine. Good Luck!

The Unread Reader

Sara said... [Reply]

Love it! Haha I almost used the same picture. Thank goodness I checked before. Anyways you did a wonderful job. Good luck! :)

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