Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Giveaways Newsletter + My First Award!!!

Hi, thanks to everyone who follows me and continues to read the things I type up here. I'll be posting up a review on The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson sometime later today, so look out for that. :)

More news, I'll be posting a weekly giveaways newsletter, most of which will be book-ish, and I will send it to anyone who e-mails me at cc932005[at]hotmail[dot]com, expressing their interest. Also, to those who have commented on my giveaways page, you will automatically be sent the newsletter. This will commence this Sunday, 9am~ (GMT +10), so e-mail me before then if you want the first ever edition! It won't be anything fancy. I don't have the time to format everything so that you can stare at it...I'm doing this so that those who are giveaway-obsessed have a quick list with the links, and this newsletter aims to do that. Maybe later on, come November, I may be able to create a template to make it prettier, but I just can't do that. I will also throw in any extra links, maybe a weekly YA author and compile up a list of interviews and tours... I'll add in whatever I can think of at the time! Also, I'm open to suggestions!

THIS IS MY FIRST AWARD! I received this from Twisted Book Junkie, at Broken Day Dreams & A Literary Odyssey. Her blog is amazing, and I love her way of writing reviews. :)

Here's how this award works:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason! (In no particular order...)
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

Alright, here are 7 things about myself:
1. I am graduating high school this year, in fact, my final exams are in 2 months~. Reading helps keep me in check. If I didn't have books, as well as this whole blogging community, I'd probably go insane!
2. I am a huge music lover. I have 2000~ songs so far, and that's considering I lost most of my songs when I had to format my computer earlier this year. Also, I love playing guitar and singing. :D I'm an acoustic girl.
3. Uh...well, I'm Asian -> Chinese -> Hong Kong = Cass @ Words on Paper. I'm actually very Westernised for an Asian though. I don't know Cantonese that well; prefer pizza, pies and chips (Aussie!) to rice...but I love noodles and spicy stuff.
4. The only library card I have in possession is my school's, and everyone receives one. It's pink. :P Also, I've never borrowed a book from the local library for READING before, only for research and assignments. Insane, right?
5. From about...gosh, 10-16 years of age, I was involved in a jump rope team (1 for primary/elementary school, and 1 for high school, which, here is yrs 7-12). I could do some intermediate/advanced moves, but I doubt I have the fitness levels required to pull it off nowadays.
6. I love to travel, though I've only ever been outside Australia once (and it was an amazing experience). I love being in a plane, looking out the window and seeing nothing but clouds...lighter than air. It's breath-taking! I'd love to go to Asia- Japan (I'm studying Japanese right now at school); America (for cheap books & author signings/events, as well as shopping like NY!!), Europe (France, England...), etc.
7. I love colours! One time in school, I remember being super bored and writing up this whole essay on the importance of colours. I don't remember a word of it, but I got a few laughs from my friends, as well as some fake-slaps and head-shakes. My love of colour obviously stems for my love and admiration for all things art. Photography, paintings, digital art, videos; just to name visual art.
For my 15 bloggers, I'm going to add those I discovered last week during my blog hop (10) and those I discovered this week (5). Most of these are fairly new blogs, like mine.
Here are my 15 award recipients!
  1. Erika @ Moonlight Book Reviews
  2. Elle @ Media Molly
  3. Monica @ The Ramblings of a Book Addict
  4. Cara @ Chasing Words
  5. Ariel @ Must Love Books
  6. Bella @ A Girl Reads
  7. Alison @ Alison Can Read
  8. The Crazy Bookworm
  9. Random Ramblings
  10. Perpetual Page-turner
  11. Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks
  12. Super Reader Girl's Book Reviews
  13. Butterfly Feet Walking on Books
  14. Collegiate Bookworm
  15. Rachel @ Under A Star-Studded Sky
I'll be e-mailing the award winners soon! Everyone, have a great weekend! I'll be posting my Blog Hop/Follow Friday up, shortly! Also, TSiE by Jandy Nelson.


Nikki - Notes of Life said... [Reply]

Congratulations on your award! :)

Cara said... [Reply]

Thank you so much! I'm honored. :)

Monica said... [Reply]

Congrats on the award and thanks so much for awarding it to me! I really appreciate it a lot!


Alison Can Read said... [Reply]

Hey there. I just passed on your Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks!
Alison Can Read Awards

♫♥✿Chas @ LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ said... [Reply]

Aloha and congrats on your award!!=)

My husband and I both are HUGE music fans with a lot of music. Plus, we have a strong music base of local music.

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