Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog Stuff || New Winner of The Dead

Hey there, so instead of something actually interesting, this is a mashup of things I'm thinking of right now. I'm not much for saying much about any one thing, so it's all just a mess. Enjoy!

The Future of my Weekly Newsletter

Okay, so a handful of you who have subscribed to my weekly giveaways newsletter, which also includes information about upcoming releases, bookish news and the like... Well, I'll be starting that again for the 7th of November! If you'd also like to receive a weekly newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time), send me an email!

Um, and also...I'd much appreciate it if you were to follow my blog, as well. If you're lazy, here's what you can send me, and I'll add you to my list. :)

To: cc932005[at]hotmail[dot]com
Subject: SPAM ME
Message: I love giveaways!


Dogs and Books

So, all the BEST authors/bloggers/readers own dogs, or pets. My family and I have had Tofu, a cream/white Maltese x Shih Tzu puppy (birthday 30th May 2010), for 3 weeks now. He likes to bite a lot, and is very "exciteable" when he is awake. I'm glad that my bookshelf is on my table, since THEN, especially at this "teething" stage (he's lost almost all his baby teeth now), so he can't get to my books. There are horror stories out there—library books, homework, personal books EATEN. Ripped to shreds. A horrid demise to "words on paper".
       So, to those who have animals and books & bookshelves all the way to the floor . . . have your dogs/pets ever pawed or clawed their jaws into one of your books? If so, I want photos. :P


The new winner of The Dead is...


Lazarus Stone is about to turn sixteen when, one night, his normal life is ripped to shreds by a skinless figure drenched in blood. He has a message: The Dead are coming.

Now Lazarus is all that stands in their way. To fulfill his destiny, he must confront not only the dark past of his family, but horrors more gruesome than even Hell could invent. And it all begins with the reek of rotting flesh...


Hope you enjoy it, Julie! Reply back within 48 hours and I'll get it sent pronto!

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Also, those who are expecting something, I've got everything packed and ready to go. It'll be either tomorrow, or Wednesday.


Between the Lines

Lastly, I was quoted at BETWEEN THE LINES (Penguin Australia) for my review on You Wish by Mandy Hubbard. One day, I hope to be quoted on an actual book! That'd be a dream. :DD

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