Friday, October 8, 2010

Have you been living under a rock?

Well then, you probably haven't heard of Contest Craze hosted by Cindy at Princess Bookie!

What is Contest Craze?
Contest Craze is simple!
It is a lot of contests here at Princess Bookie during the course of a few weeks.
You Enter contests to win! Its just a fun thing to do that week with all the other bloggers out there!

When is it?
Two weeks from end of September to the 9th of October! Get in there quick, the doors are closing very soon.

Who is it for?
EVERYONE! Many kind donors have offered to send books internationally, others are just for the US. Just make sure you enter the ones you actually want, because if  you actually win, and you don't want it, then you're taking away something that someone else might have been craving for. And then you're a THIEF! :P

Where is this?
You can see the list of giveaways all in one list here!

Looking at the huge amounts of entries, you can see that everyone is crazy for Contest Craze!
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