Sunday, October 17, 2010

I cheat & I write & I travel back in time...

Why am I typing such ambiguous post titles? :S
Sorry. This is another of those stupid "filler"-type posts.

I cheat...

With 9 votes (and only 7 voters), there's a tie as to the choice on the book I will tackle after Embrace. Either Another Pan or The Six Rules of Maybe. Now, here's where the "I cheat" part of the title begins to makes sense. I'm going with Missing Girl, simply because it is a review copy. However, after that I will read Another Pan and then The Six Rules of Maybe. Though, I'm terrible with plans, so who knows if I'm going to actually follow through with this!

I write...

I actually put use to my new Losing Faith poetry journal today! I wrote two poems. I can't seem to get the hang of ACTUAL conventions. My words aim to be free, man! I have no idea if any of my poetry is any good, but that's okay. Words don't need to be perfect; they're just tools through which I can express what I'm feeling. Sometimes they can't convey every little thing, because nothing can ever truly be perfect, and even language has its faults. I'm sure authors constantly wrestle with words, everyday. It must be a tough battle. *phew*

Did you write anything today?

I travel back in time...

I'm reading Anastasia's Secret right now, and I think I'm quite glad that I don't have extensive knowledge past the Rasputin affair that occurred in Russia; because I'm just able to read the book without getting too caught up in the historical qualities. Contrary to the quite mixed reviews on Goodreads, I'm enjoying it so much. The story sucked me in. I thought the characters would be confusing, but it's quite easy to follow after a bit of settling in. Suffice it to say, I think that Anastasia's Secret is a "success" in the historical fiction department. I never thought I'd love historical fiction, but every single one I have read this year has been pure gold!

(It's PG, due to one or two instances of language, nothing major; but it's more to do with the effects of the war. There's a bit of violence, though it was not at all distracting. It's just one other event, and it's a central point in Anastasia's story. Oh, and there's a bit of sexual interactions, but nothing graphic or anything. It's mostly implied.)

Recommend to me some great historical YA fiction. My Goodreads account can take a few more wishlist titles. ;)

No IMM this week. I can say though, I had a perfect mail week! (yes, all 5 weekdays I received mail~) I may post an IMM next weekend, if I don't receive too much this coming week.

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