Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Review] Big Nate Strikes Again by Lincoln Peirce (MG)

Title: Big Nate Strikes Again
Author: Lincoln Peirce
Publication: 1 November 2010
Publisher: HarperCollins
Review Copy: ARC, review copy (Thanks to HarperCollins US!)
Pages: 215
My Rating:

Big Nate will surpass all others!

But it wont be easy. He's stuck with Gina, his all time enemy, who just might ruin everything!

Will Nate win or lose? Pass or fail? Or end up in detention . . . again?

My thoughts: 

Yes, this is a middle-grade book. I received it for review, and how could I say 'no' to something that looks like such fun?

My God was this such an enjoyable read! At 200 pages and adorned with comic strips and pictures, this only took me an hour to read through. But what an hour it was! Big Nate has been compared to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and it apparently has its own comic strip in USA. That's pretty cool. Anyway, so this is Nate's second book, and while I haven't read the first book, I don't think it affected my reading of the book. It was so easy to get into and just read in one sitting. The characters were memorable, easy to remember, all had different personalities and APPEARANCES (very important for a comic) . . . Hilarious! The two main plots are: Nate has a major project to do with her archnemesis GINA as his partner, and Nate, captain, aims to win at Fluffball (indoors baseball).

What I absolutely love in a book is pictures, which I guess has the same effect as verse novels do. They're just prettier to look at and get through without having to THINK really hard. Which is what I definitely did not need to do when reading Big Nate Strikes Again. I recommend it to fans of the comic strip and of the first book, as well as little children (years 8-12, more boys than girls I'd say, but I enjoyed it anyway).

In its own genre (MG), it definitely deserves a 4.5/5.

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