Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Question (3): Where do you read your books?

Weekend Question is hosted at Liz at Cleverly Inked. Every weekend, a blogging/bookish question will be asked, to be answered.

This week, Liz is experiencing familial problems, so I made my own question to answer. :)

Weekend Question:

Where do you read your books?
In bed: before sleep, in the mornings after sleep (if I've not slept in!), in the middle of the day . . . Also, I read books while sitting on my desk in front of my computer, between blogging-related businesses, and Youtube sessions, etc. In Australia, the sun is finally starting to show promise as Spring has finally sprung into action. It's quite nice outside, despite the fat flies and tiny mosquitoes; we have a nice little "backyard" where all my family's puppy's toys somehow magically get transported to. There are three chairs and a rocking bench thingy, and so I may sit out there and just read under the sun. :)

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