Monday, November 29, 2010

2011 Debutante Event!!

The 2011 Debutante Event

From the 1st-25th of December, Badass Bookie is going to be your guide to next year's hottest debuts! Not only do you guys get to know the Debs better, YOU also get to win their books!!!

What is a Deb? A Deb is short for a Debutante which is a New Author to the YA genre. Basically, their first book is coming out next year!

However, the Debs and I, and Lisa, need your help! We want to make this event bigger and better, we want EVERYONE to know about this event! SO we are giving away a PRIZE   for anyone who spreads the word about it!!! So spread the word and WIN! sorry, it's probably too late to do that. :S

What is the prize?
There are HEAPS of prizes, involving hot upcoming titles such as The Lipstick Laws, Across the Universe, Rival, Haven, and so many more!! Below are just some of the photos that Lisa has provided...



event schedule, prize photos, etc!!

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