Monday, November 22, 2010

Winners :)

There were 160 entrants. The winners of the Elevensies Love giveaway are:

1. #3: Nic at Irresistable Reads, who lives in Australia! You get to choose between a 2K11 YA debut novel or a 2K10 debut from October-December.

2. #120: Claire at YA Bookie Monster, who lives in Canada. You get to choose afterwards, so I'll email you after Nic has emailed me with confirmation.

I've kept $26.50 AU in my bank account, so if your pre-order exceeds $13, I'll ask that you get me the 10% off from The Book Depository, if the price is a few dollars over.

There were 20 entrants. The winners of either Stork or Girl Parts (AU only) are:

1. #9: Holly with Good Golly Miss Holly

2. #7: Lisa with Badass Bookie (who received an extra entry through secret Twitter retweet, but would've won anyway :P)

I didn't really plan ahead and decide how I was going to split the prize, so since Holly was chosen first, she'll get first choice. Um, and also note that I will be extremely slow with postage. It's a combination of lack of cash and inability to sleuth my way out of the house long enough to head to the post office. :P

Congratulations! I will be sending out emails soon enough.

Didn't win? I wish I could give everyone something, but anyway, over the new year I will be hosting some more contests. But hopefully that is not your primary purpose in following my blog.

Please, when entering contests, read everything. A couple of people entered the AU only contest, when they clearly did not live in Australia. These entries were deleted.

Also, in the future, I will ask that you provide some sort of URL, even to a Goodreads account. This may seem a bit unfair, but I'm nosy and I like to check up on winners. ;)

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