Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Question (7): Marking Your Place in a Book

Weekend Question is hosted at Liz at Cleverly Inked. Every weekend, a bookish question will be asked.

This week I made up a question, but if Liz finally posts the question, I'll change/add it, unless her question doesn't suit my situation.

Weekend Question:

How do you mark your place in a book?

What other way than a bookmark?
Okay, before this year when I started reading for fun, I used ANYTHING. I'd use receipts, scraps of paper from the bottom of my bag, post-its, pens . . . Now, thanks to many amazing book bloggers, my room is bustling in the way of bookmarks.

Liz's Question:
Do you hide any books from people?  What books are you embarrassed by owning?

My friends don't know I read. All throughout high school, I scorned those who read in their free time, passing up playing games and watching TV, which require less thinking.
I don't know. I just have to find the right time, I suppose. I'd love to recommend books to my friends and such, though. Especially since I've been reading so, so much.
I'm not really embarrassed about any of my books. It's not like anyone really sees my bookcase, at least not when I'm looking.

What about you?

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