Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One of these "I am a blogger" posts...

Who says Lisa isn't a free spirit? :P
This picture isn't just so I have a picture other than my signature. It actually means something. I don't know what it is. What do you think?

Why am I posting such a weird post? And at such an unconventional time (for me)? Well, I have officially finished my exams for HSC (higher school certificate), which is like an SAT (for US) or VCE or alternative. Year 12 finals. The "be-all-and-end-all". Yeah, right. I like how in my last exam, there was a written passage where the guy said stuff like "I didn't get into university ater graduating, but I got to do web design and I'm now fullfilling my dream". Nice uplifting speech, I would say. :thumbsup:

I don't want to think about the results and the aftermath just yet. I want to just enjoy my four~ months of freedom! :D

Anyway, I'll be catching up on followers, comments and the like. Also, I've absolved comment moderation, because it got to the point where I had 16 in waiting, and I just started thinking What's the point? 

NaNoWriMo: I made my first 1,000 words today! I got home at 5 pm, and I'm tired. I promise to do 10,000 words tomorrow. I'm kidding. I'll do as much as I can. So far, the plans aren't holding up. I've changed the whole storyline in my mind, and the only thing that has kind of stayed the same is the characters, and that's because I haven't introduced many just yet. Only like, two. I also find myself re-editing my words as I go, because it's so, so dreadful and I can't seem to find the right words for descriptions and such. :/ For those who asked to show the .doc file afterwards, I simply can't. Maybe in a few months if I pursue the editing side of things...

Remember, you can add me! Go ahead and kick me to write some more words. For now, I sleep. Unlike some crazy nuts out there, sleep > writing It's been kind of a hippity week in terms of mail. I'll be VLOGGING for the first time ever for this weeks' IMM. Please don't unfollow if I am hideously awkward or whatever. I'll be trying my best. :thumbsup: I actually had an IMM VLOG ready for a month ago, but Youtube rejected it, and I gave up after three times of making the video, then editing, and then accidentally deleting the videos while in the editing process (*facepalm*) . . . I'm usually pretty good with technology.

US of A-ans? Did you vote? Oh yes, I know what's going on with the world. *nods head all sly-like, because I'm cool like that* No vote, no complain. Simple as that. I'm pretty ignorant, so of course I have no idea what the problem with Obama is. Feel free to rant all you want in the comments. I promise I'll read most of it... I'm actually really curious to see how many people actually READ my blog, rather than visit it. In this respect, Blogger stats means nothing to me. :/ (though I almost hit 4,000 pageviews for October, which is awesome)

Check around tomorrow; I've got a review for Crossing the Tracks scheduled. I'll wake up early and check whether it's actually okay to be posted up. I haven't read it in like a month (the review). See how organised I am?
Title: Crossing the Tracks
Author: Barbara Stuber
Genre: YA, historical, a dash of romance, adventure and all that good stuff

It's a sparkling book (meaning, 5 stars).

Looking back, I managed to have consistent posting all throughout October! I have a problem, methinks. I have a few problems, actually, but enough about me: how about you?

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