Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's going to be okay. (+ Harry Potter movie!!)

I'm not really in the mood to even attempt a vlog for this week, so I'll do something next week for y'all.

I'm not sure how I feel about being so personal on my BOOK blog (my only blog) , but I feel the need to lay it all down.

Okay, so my formal for year 12 is on Tuesday. Bottom line: I went with my sister to the shops to get some help with all that beauty crap. You know, hair, makeup, whatever. What do the shop assistants say? They point out all of my shortcomings, speaking as though I'm not even there, topping it all off with, once my sister says that it's for a year 12 formal (I was furious by that time), "Wow! You're still a baby!" I don't think I've ever felt so inadequate before.

I just hate how there's so much pressure for girls to look a certain way: plump lips, shaped eyebrows, straight hair, tall and skinny figure, long nose . . . the way our society is now, girls and women are just, by default, expected to be as such. What if being "beautiful" by their definition isn't top priority for me? What if I just want to throw something on and go? I'm not trying to impress anyone, so why have I allowed them to take away my sense of pride in living outside the lines?

Thankfully, I've been given some time to myself, and have just been browsing around. I feel better, thanks to a few Yahoo answer pages and Youtube. Here are some links for whenever you're having a rough day, if you're feeling "ugly".


Song | Lyrics

BEAUTIFUL SOUL by Jesse McCartney (laugh all you want)
Song | Lyrics

Song | Lyrics

BEAUTIFUL by Christina Aguilera (of course, and yes, I bawled my eyes out, and also did so when Mercedes sang it on Glee)
Song | Lyrics

I love this blog. She's a fellow Aussie, and she posts really cool stuff.

Also Aussie. This one is moreso on loving yourself. I just found it.
Smiling Through the Staring | Self Love Lessons | Pressure on Women | Perfect

Yes! This one is book-related! A bunch of authors who live their lives outside the lines! ;D

If you'd like to send more links and stuff, please send them along. You can never have enough of this stuff! Especially in this day and age, when "beauty is everything", but remember: Beauty is skin deep; only inner beauty can stand the test of time. Stay strong and who knows? Maybe Definitely things will get better.

Don't worry. These kinds of posts will not happen often. I'm hoping this will be the only one. I think my posting this, even if no one comments, will allow me to just accept what is. I am blessed with what I've been given, and nothing that anyone says should affect me. Now that I've come to terms with this, I think I'm going to go crack open a book or something. I'm hoping The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams can pull me out of what you might call a "reading slump".

On a much more awesome note...
Who here has watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1?  How intense was it? I watched it 12 hours after it came out. :) Though if my friends weren't huge HP nerds I wouldn't have seen it so soon. I'm now determined to finish off the series. I quit at Book 5, because it's so long, and school got in the way; a few months later, when I wanted to pick it back up, I'd forgotten the whole beginning and gave up. I'll pick up Harry Potter again when/if I finish reading Jane Eyre, which won't be for a while.

Anyway, I liked the overall mood of the movie. From the beginning, the first 10 seconds, you knew that this was going to be a bone-chilling experience. I like the tagline "It all ends here". I really can't wait to finally get to the end and be able to compare book with movie.

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