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[Review] The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

Title: The Eternal Ones
Author: Kirsten Miller
Publication: 30th August 2010 (UK)
Publisher: Penguin UK
Source: PB, For Review (Thanks Penguin Australia!)
Pages: 420
Series: Yes (The Sequel?)
My Rating:

Haven Moore has always known she's different: there are the talents that can't be explained; the knowledge of places she's never been; and then there are the visions that overwhelm her - terrifying visions of a life that ended tragically two decades earlier and more than a thousand miles away in New York City. The citizens of Haven's rural, highly religious community, believe that she's been possessed by a demon. But this is no demon: it's reincarnation.

Haven journeys all the way to Manhattan in search of clues about her past life and a decades-old murder. One wrong move could lead her into the clutches of the sinister villain at the center of a conspiracy much larger than she could have ever imagined. But if she makes the right choices, Haven will find the answers she's been seeking her entire life.

This is an epic and thrilling romance set in the snake-handling churches of Appalachia, the dusty ruins of ancient Rome, and the grand mansions of Manhattan. The Eternal Ones tells the story of the first battle in a war between undying love and eternal evil.
My thoughts: 

Mysterious and insanely romantic, The Eternal Ones definitely struck a chord within me. I grew to love Haven and Beau, was constantly fascinated with the reincarnation idea, and how Kirsten Miller interwove this story that kept me in the dark and begging for the pieces to finally fall into place.

Characters: The protagonist, Haven, is a curly red-head who keeps on fainting. Her best friend, Beau, is openly gay. Both were segregated from their society for being different than the rest of them: Haven wants more than anything to fly freely, while Beau is more afraid to leave everything that he's known. I loved them both. Haven's grandma, Imogene, was thought up of to be hated to the most intense of degrees. The minister, also wanted to be disliked. Then there is Iain, the man who is the reincarnated soul of Ethan Evans, Haven's - Constance's eternal lover. I was switched to-and-fro on my opinion of him, and while I thought all along I had it all figured out, it ended so, so differently. There is also a "secret society" lurking underneath New York, marked by the snake eating itself, which was pretty cool.

Story: Engaging. A great mystery. Some of it was a bit wishy-washy, but it only served to make me want to keep on reading.

Writing: Descriptive in simplicity. Good dialogue all-around. A thriller mystery that got me thinking, then second-guessing myself. There were so many twists and turns that it made me a bit dizzy at times, and that's why it took so long to finish. The chapters are really short, only about 2-9 pages each. Needed a bit more polishing, as the writing was uncertain in places. However, that's the true beauty of the novel--it seemed to echo the rickety feelings of Haven as she continues to investigate her true purpose.

Ending: Shocking, heartbreaking and carried with it so much emotion. Gosh, the ending was great. The book ends pretty conclusively, but I still hope that there IS a sequel.

Cover: A bit simple. Definitely not as bold as other YA covers out there, but the use of the red, just as the base, is what makes it stick out on my bookshelf.

Conclusion: If you love mysteries, you'd better give this one a spin (was that a pun?).

(There are far better reviews out there, from people who also loved the book, so I'll be linking them below. :P Maybe they can be more accurate and coherent; I'm just not up to the task.)


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