Saturday, November 6, 2010

[Giveaway] Giving away some ARCs (AUS only!)

Sorry, I was trying to find a funky Aussie thing to put as the title, so it'd be pretty obvious it's Aussie exclusive. Anyway...

Hey there, it's another giveaway at Words on Paper!

Since these are being sent straight from me, it'll only be open to Aussies. I'd love to send across the world, but I'm only a student, and a very poor one at that. Go enter my Elevensies Love ♥ contest--that one is international!

I've already read both Stork {review} and Girl Parts {review}. These have both been released.

This contest will go on for...a few weeks. One winner will receive both, unless they own one of them, in which case I'll pick a second winner to send the other ARC. 

ENDS November 20th, same as my Elevensies Love contest!

That's kind of it. I'll announce the winner in a few week's time. It basically depends on how many people enter. I'm not anticipating more than 10, actually. I'd really appreciate it if you advertised. :) 

For the next Aussie-only giveaway (we really deserve some Aussie-only giveaways, don't we?), I'll be letting one winner choose a 2011 Aussie YA book to order. I'll order one for myself, too, because Lord knows I need to read me some more Aussie-lit!
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