Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 I've given up on NaNoWriMo. I wrote a little bit over 3,000 words, which may seem miniscule to all of you, but it's the most I've ever, ever written in my whole life for one project. That in itself is a major win. A few nights ago, I was just lying in bed at night, wondering why exactly I was writing. I don't want to be a writer in future. It wasn't fun, to be honest. Thinking of stuff to write about, to move the plot along, was difficult.

I don't think I will be participating next year. I'd much rather read instead. Sorry if I let anyone down, but there's just so many review copies I need to get through, as well as books that are piling on to my TBR. I have almost 50 books, I'm sure. It's pretty insane how many books are still coming to my door. Not that I'm complaining.

So yeah, I'm giving up on NaNo. There's just too much else I want to do (other than reading, I want to actually GO OUT with my friends and walk my dog and go shopping, etc), and not enough reason for me to continue writing. I've already got 6-7 pages on Word, and that's enough for me. Maybe one day I'll re-visit the story of Nat and Amanda and Mike. :P


Elevensies Love ♥ (international) | Stork & Girl Parts ARCs (AU only)

Both are ending on the 20th of November. :)

For those still waiting for me to send something by, let me explain. The weather has been bad, so I've been feeling all iffy about heading out to go to the post office. Also, my mum has just gone back to work, so now I can go out whenever I want, realistically. I will get them out sometime this week.

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