Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[Breakin' News] #3 Top 100 YA Novels (2010)

Over at Persnickety Snark, the people have spoken and the results are in! The top YA novel for 2010 is THE HUNGER Games, by Suzanne Collins! (Who is surprised?) Speaking of which, I won a The Hunger Games button from Nayu's Reading Corner! I didn't manage to snag the cool t-shirt, but a button is pretty cool, too!

There are lots of statistics which I find quite interesting. I'm also psyched that I've won Graceling by Kristin Cashore-- which got placed #23, so I'm expecting to be blown away. :) 

Just mentioning a few books that I've read so far, and how they went...

If I Stay, my favourite novel thus far, ranked #70, narrowly beating Wintergirls which is #72. Unfortunately, Tell Me a Secret didn't make it in the list, but I predict it will be in for the 2011 list!! Also, it has been noted that most of Sarah Dessen's books made it on the list, 'cept her first release. Great effort...and this kind of goes with J.K. Rowling too.

Also, many of you may be aware of my love for Gayle Forman's If I Stay, as is evident even in this post. Well, Gayle Forman's teaser tour for her sequel Where She Went is hitting off tomorrow! Click here for more info, and let others know too! 

I realised since I pronounced my break, that many things are still going on around the blogosphere, and so here's where "Breakin' News" comes in. Just a brief update every day or so... this is alerting myself, as well as all of you. :)


Beverly said... [Reply]

Read Graceling last year - loved, loved, loved it!

Cass said... [Reply]

@Beverly Yeah, I can't wait to read it! Also, I've heard that FIRE is even better! I'm definitely going to reward myself after my exams with just days and days of books! :D

Scoot said... [Reply]

Graceling and Fire are both great books. Good luck on your finals!

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