Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[Question] About Blogger... & Upcoming contest news!!

It's late at night here, and I'm on my laptop (hooray! the internet is fast on this little thing :)), so I'll make this quick. Answer these questions, blogging buddies, and you get a cookie. Metaphorical cookies- they're the best kind! I dunno, I like knowing random stuff about other bloggers.

The Questions:
  1. Auto-posting. Yay or meh?
  2. How long have you been blogging? (your current blog)
  3. Is your blog 1, 2 or 3-sided? (~bars-wise that is!)
  4. You receive a comment. How do you reply to them?
  5. Contest time! Entry through: comments, email and/or form?
  6. You're on holiday! Oh no! What about the blog?
  7. What is your blog name and why did you pick it?
All right. I'll leave it at that, for now. Go on, post your answers! They don't even need to be all that long. I, myself, like answering stupid questions like these, so I'm hoping that some of you may like doing that too. :P Blogger should be auto-posting my review for Shug by JENNY HAN, which was prepared a few days ago, while I'm sleeping. 

My answers:
  1. Complete win! When life gets in the way, I can still get some posts in here. :)
  2. 2 months and a week~! It'll be a while for Words on Paper's One Year Blogoversary, hoping I get that far!
  3. Look to your right and you shall see I am ONE-SIDED! :D More due to the fact that I have no idea how to have 2-sides without sacrificing all that content space... and I don't have the time to be fiddling with HTML. (yes, I know my HTML. I'm a true nerd!)
  4. I recently implemented the comment moderation (no spam yet!), and then I receive an email with each comment. I will try to comment back to the commenter's blog, if they have one; or else I'll either reply via my blog or the email.
  5. Comments, only because I don't know how the form is CREATED. I'd love some guidance on that one. ;) Maybe later. Hehe.
  6. Depends on the length of away-time, and if there will be any internet-access involved. I'll probably try and chuck in reviews and auto-post them.
  7. Words on Paper. Dunno. It was meant to be temporary, but eventually I just got used to it. Plus there was one person who said they liked the name, so I was like Okay then, I'll stick to Words on Paper!
Anyway, onto the upcoming contest/s!

Stay tuned for the 4th of September, because you will NOT want to miss out on an ARC of ________ by _____, giveaway as part of Squeaky Books' Enna's Birthday Bash. I'm trying to be subtle. Have I intrigued you? :P Okay, hint. It's a paranormal (2010) YA debut novel. And it has a beautiful cover. Did that narrow it down much? Ha ha.

Also, in mid/late-October I will be hosting a SWAGGERIFIC contest! (and I may take the liberty of calling it as such) I'd like for it to be sooner, but since my book fairy in the US is sending  *hallelujah* THE BOX, I'll wait for that to reach me. Can't wait for that! And to explain that to my parents. It'll be SO much fun!


Nomes said... [Reply]

to adjust the width of your blog (and make room for another column, go to:
Template designer
Adjust Body Width :)

you can tweak your template to make it widescreen.

Nomes said... [Reply]

oooh and make a form by using google documents. on your google homepage, look at the tabs at the top and select the drop down menu titled: More.

Then select form :)

then it's all sitting there for you to type in questions, etc. you can embed it in your post, or use the URL address and people click on it to go to your form.

Nomes said... [Reply]

now, I'll answers some of your questions :)

my blog is, ah, i think nearly 3 months old? I havent used auto posting yet. and saw someones blog where they could reply to individual comments in their comment section with a reply button. i wish i could do that - not sure how they added that feature? mostly i just reply on my blog - occasionally i can email back from my gmail account :)


Unknown said... [Reply]

Hello Cass! I am here to answer you seven questions.

1. I usually set up the post scheduler so that posts are there ready to go up to a week in advance
2. I've been blogging for exactly one year (LOL)
3. 3 bar layout and I actually prefer it to other formats
4. Depends on what the comments says. If it is general, then I will reply to them on my blog with a comment. If I know the person on Twitter, and they have I'd a direct question then I will answer on the blog and also tweet the answer.
5. Entries through a google doc to protect the entrant's email address.
6. I am usually organised enough to have posts set up on the scheduler so they run while I'm away but there is nothing wrong in taking a week off to recharge those batteries.
7. The Bookette --hmmm... I chose it because it is kinda daft and I am daft but also because it says what my blogs is about, it is short and easy to remember.

This was lots of fun. Hope the info helps you too. Oh and seriously, if you ever need some blog advice don't be afraid to ask!

Cass said... [Reply]

@Nomes: Thanks for the help! This will help with my upcoming contests, and I'll try cracking for a layout step-up in a few months. :P I can stand to look at this one for a while.
. . . I'm surprised it's so simple to do the form!

@Becky: Thanks for answering! I'm starting to get into the habit of scheduling posts, I have 3 reviews ready to go already! :D I can't wait to full polish my blog up and make it all organised. :) Great answers! I'll have to keep some of these things in mind, and I'll definitely ask if I have any questions.

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